Transport in Venice

How to travel when you’re in Venice. Information about the trains, trams, buses and taxis.

The transport in Venice..

  • By Car

In Venice you won’t see cars it is a city whitout cars. You can park your car in the parkinggarage in Tronchetto en Piazzale Roma. Just outside the city you can park cheaper in the garage in Mestre. When you have parked your car you can take the bus or train to Venice. Another option is to park your car on the islands of Cavallino. You can go by ferry to Venice

  • By Traghetto

What is a Traghetto? It is a public gondol that verns over the Grand canel. When you are a tourist it will cost 2 euros per time to cross the canal. There seven areas where you can get on the gondol around the Grand canal. Its only for about five minutes but worth the experience!

  • By vaporetto

In Venice you can use the vaporetto boat. These boats fern over the Canal Grande en brings you to Lido, Murano, Burano and Torcello. The vaporreto line 1 will stop at every station. This line is ideal to explore Venice butĀ also the busiest line. Tickets to travel with the vaperretto ain’t cheap. I will recomondent to buy a ticket for a whole day, two days or a week.