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What are the upcoming events in Venice worth going to? Read it here!

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Upcoming events until the end of 2016/2017..

Are you a sportive person and you want run in Venice marathon this is  your chance! If you don’t want to run its even that fun to encourage the runners by the line. The run will start in Stra, a small town west of Venice, in front of a magnificent mansion, Villa Pisani. The run will end towards the Gran Canal and finally onto the finish line at Riva Sette Martiri. The run starts at 9-30 and there are allready 10.000 people expected! 

Various locations in Venice






This Catholic holiday on November 1st every year commemorates all the martyrs and saints. The next day, the Day of the Dead, is set aside to honor deceased loved ones. Italians celebrate the two holidays together. These are two huge holidays in Italy. The first, Festa di Ognissanti (All Saints’ Day) is not only a religious holiday, but also a national holiday meaning banks, offices and schools are closed.


01-11-2016 till 02-11-16
Various locations in Venice


What an amazing experience, New Year eve in Venice! The central place were it happens is Piazza San Marco where also the countdown is. The whole square is full of people to see at 00:00 the beautiful fireworks. On the St. Mark Campanile tower you can see the countdown clock. You can see the fireworks at many place in Venice. Going out in Venice with New Years eve is quite difficult most places are totaly booked. But on the different squares with a bottle of champain is also enough do. Little pups en clubs are opened. Oh and don’t forget that special hug and kiss when te clock hits 00:00!

Various locations in Venice



The most popular masked carnival of Italy, a must-go annual event. This year it is in Venice and is defently worth to go! Whole Venice is up side down, parades going trough the city! In the parade everyone wears costumes and masks. These days is so much to see and do in the city.

11 Feb 2017 – 28 Feb 2017
Various locations in Venice