Rotterdam is a city filled with buzzing bars and vibrant nightlife, set within a relaxed and slow paced vicinity it offers its visitors the opportunity to absorb its wonders without having to be subjected to drunk party goers. Most of the nightclubs are tucked away, but for those visitors who are looking to dance and sing the night away great range of places to party and nightclubs that will take care of that need.

On top of Rotterdam’s great buildings and impressive scenery, Rotterdam is pretty well known for its unique coffee bars. The name given to real Dutch cafes is Brown Café or Bruin Café. The Dutch version of a pub and look like the classical design that helps maintain the real essence of Rotterdam’s old city. Vistors who want to taste to have traditional Dutch drink at Brown Cafes in Holland can the walls covered in a thick brown colour coating the walls; this is what happens of all the the remains from intense smoking from a long time ago.

One of the most common drinks that locals have at the Brown Cafes is Kopstoot. This is usually real Dutch gin with a comes with a full pint of Dutch beer. Those who are new to the take into consideration that these innocent looking concoctions are very powerful, so those who are not local are advised to go steady. Vistors to the city will see a genuine Dutch community in the dark wooden cafes as people from the neighbourhood  for a small Kopstoot and a catch up.

The Brown Cafes in Holland (Rotterdam in particular) also have a varied selection of snacksand go well with to a leisurely drink. An appealing element of the Brown Cafes is that most pubs close early but cafes stay open til’ late. A few important things to remember about the Browns Cafés is that cards are not accepted, people have the option to sit outside and some also feature a self service. If you want to listen to bands and singers or different forms of amusement at the Brown Café please note that these cafe do not traditionally accommodate for that. Beer glasses are often washed when people place their order so so drinkers shouldn’t be astonished if a bartender grabs a used glass, throw it into soapy water load the glass up with beer as it’s still wet. What usually happens is that they will scrape the foam from the top with a tool made just for this purpose.

there is no where to stay at the café so to get the most out of Rotterdam in the city the best idea would be to rent one of the following Rotterdam apartments for the duration of your stay in Rotterdam. Visitors can also pick the location  of their apartment so for those not wishing to travel far this is the best option.

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