Transport in Paris

How to travel when you’re in Paris. Information about the Metro’s, trams, buses and taxis.

How to transport yourself in Paris..

  • By metro

You can find the metro everywhere in Paris. Paris consists of 300 stations and 16 lines. The metro lines are numbered from 1 to 14 with two ‘bis’ or secondary lines 3b and 7b.

Time schedule:

  • Sun-Thu: 05:30-00:30
  • Sat-Sun: 05:30-02:15
  • Nights before holidays: 05:30-02:15


You can also download a schedule or timetable on your phone. You have several apps for it. The metro app is called: Next stop Paris.


There are many different tickets available when you’re taking te metro in Paris. You have single ride tickets, bookfs of 10 or 20, single day passes, multi-day passes, monday to sunday week passes, monthly passes and year passes.

Single tickets are the most popular ones. The tickets are known  as ”ticket+’. These tickets are valid for every single ride, no matter what the length is. These tickets are sold as single units or in books (carnet).


Single ticket: €1,90

Carnet (10 units) : €16,-

The easy way to purchase a ticket is through the automated ticket vending machine. The machines accept Euro coins and smart chips credit cards.


  • By Taxi

When you want to hail a taxi in Paris, you will see that most of the time the taxi is already full or they won’t stop for you. The reason why is because you have to go to a taxi rank. It’s called ”station de taxis” marked with a blue sign. You can find the rank on major roads, crossroads and at stations. It’s important to go to a rank because then you have the most chance to hail a cab.

If you are a tourist, the taxi drivers can let you pay more. Be sure to watch the meter and verify the minimum price of the taxi. Also the best thing to do is to give the driver the route with the time. When you do this you make sure that the driver is going to the right way or that they don’t make the route longer than necesarry.


Taxi contacts:

  • Taxi in Paris:
    +33 977 21 72 72
  • special taxis for people with reduced mobility:
    ”G7 Horizon” +33 1 47 39 00 91
  • Taxi 75 – Paris online taxi
    +33 970 44 75 75
  • Taxi moto Paris Orly Roissey
    +33 605 580 080
  • By Tram

Trams in Paris run from early morning until late evening. You can buy the tickets from the automated machines at the platforms. With the T3 line, you have the ability to see whole Paris. At the tram stops you can also easily take the bus or metro line.

Time schedule:

Mon-Thu: 5:00-1:00

On friday and saturday is it most likely till 2:00

  • By Bus

If you like to see more of the city, it’s a nice idea to go on tour with a city bus and go to different places. There are many buses and they are also available at night.

Time schedule:

Mon-Thu: 5:00 – 1:00

On friday and saturday it’s most likely till 2:00