Top attraction in the Caribbean: National Park Shete Boka on Curacao!

Jun 28, 2012 | Barcelona Guide

If you are planning to go on holiday to Curacao, you can spend your day in several ways. Enjoy everything the island has to offer and you’ll be amazed with this gorgeous Caribbean island! Divide your days spending time on the Curacao beaches, get into the Caribbean Sea for great snorkeling and scuba diving, visit the colorful capital Willemstad, enjoy the highlight attractions, participate in various water sports, join one of the fun day trips and socialize with friends during the best happy hours of Curacao. But there is more.. If you love nature, a visit to the two national parks on Curacao, National Park Christoffel Park and National Park Shete Boka, is a definite must and a great way to explore the varied flora and fauna of Curacao. In the Christoffel Park, you can climb the highest mountain of Curacao, you can hike, mountain bike and explore the area with a jeep. During a tour through this natural surroundings you’ll come across lizards, iguanas, many species of (predatory) birds and with a little luck you’ll spot a white-tailed deer.

For another top attraction in the Caribbean you pay a visit to the National Park Shete Boka on Curacao. This park is adjacent to the Christoffel Park and is located along the north coast of Curacao. The National Park Shete Boka covers about 200 hectares and the park was founded in 1994. For a great experience you can visit the underground cavern “Boka Tabla”. In this cave you come closer to the violent sea and you will experience the fierce power of the sea crashing against the rocks. After your visit to “BokaTabla” you can walk along the limestone cliffs and enjoy the spectacular view of the north coast of Curacao. Book your favorite fully equipped accommodation on Curacao on and start preparing yourself for all the beauty that Curacao has to offer.

Besides Boka Tabla there are 8 other bays and inlets in the National Park Shete Boka Curacao. In the north-west of the park are Boka Wandomi, Boka Kortalein, Boka Plate, Boka Mansalina, Boka Djegu and Dos Boka. In the north-east are Boka Kalki and Boka Pistol. The name Boka Pistol refers to a very narrow inlet where the sea hits the coast with explosions that sounds like a gunshot. Boka Kalki is partially overgrown with mangroves.

The Bays of the National Park Shete Boka on Curacao are protected nestling areas for turtles. It is known that three different species of turtles lay eggs in this area. If you love nature National Park Shete Boka is the place to be. In the park are also two hiking trails, so you can discover the park on your own. Those trails are “Boka Pistol Trail” and “Boka Wandomi Trail”. Both routes are about an hour walk and guide you through all the sensational parts of the National Park Shete Boka.

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