Top 10 Travel Gadgets To Make Your Vacation Easier

Feb 18, 2014 | Enjoy Apartments, Highlight Apartments, Tips Enjoy Apartments

Top 10 Travel Gadgets

Used to use all kind of gadgets at home to make life easier for you? Why shouldn’t you do the same when you travel to another country? There are some really cool and helpfull travel gadgets, which don’t only make your stay a lot more fun but they make a lot of things a lot easier for you.
From music speakers to luggage trackers which keeps track of your luggage so you can see if your luggage has reached the same destination as you. This gadgets and a lot of more cool gadgets you all find it in our top 10 travel gadgets list.

  1. Trakdot Luggage Tracker
    You reached your destination, the only thing you still need is your luggage. But did the luggage reached the same destination as you did. You don’t have to worry about it anymore because now there is the luggage tracker which keeps track of your luggage and let you know where it is. If you want to go on vacation or business trip without stress. The Trakdot Luggage Tracker is the perfect solution for you.
  1. EatSmart Precision Voyager
    Know exactly how much kilograms your luggage weights with the EatSmart Precision Voyager. You now don’t have to pay unexpected costs for the extra kilo’s you brought with you.

  2. DryPak
    With the Drypak you can keep your dearest stuff safe with you, also when you go underwater. You can put things as your money, mobile phone and cards in the DryPak.

  1. Kensington ComboSaver Portable Notebook Lock
    A small and handy notebook lock to prevent thieves of stealing your notebook. Easily to attach to a table.

  1. Anker Astro Series
    If you need to keep your gadgets powered up on the go, you’ll need batteries—or better yet, an external battery pack. This external memory charges your mobile phone etc. for 100% a several times when the Anker Astro Series is only charged ones.

  1. SteriPen
    With the steripen you can clean water to drink it. The steripen destroys 99,9% of the bacterias. Now you have clean water everywhere you go.

  1. Music Speaker Bluetooth Jawbone Jambox
    Go to the beach with your favorite music with you. With this portable speaker you can take your music everywhere. The speaker is connected with your phone or other device by Bluetooth and last for a very long time

  1. Hipkey
    Forgot your keys, phone or money, Hipkey won’t let you. With a gps tracker in the hipkey, this gadget will let you know when you’re at to much distance of your phone or other belongings so you will never forget your stuff ever again.

  1. Handy Cooler
    Not usted to warm weather? Cool yourself with the handy cooler. This small air-conditioned and fan in one cools the air and lets you enjoy of a small cool breeze.

  1. Grid It
    Don’t know where you put all of your gadgets. Don’t worry! The Grid it is the perfect solution for all of your gadgets and charging cables. Its organized, it has a great grip, besides that it fits easily to your suitcase.

    I’m sure you found some gadgets you like in the top 10 travel gadgets list. Now you can make sure your luggage lands safe on the right destination, your phone is always charged, the water is always safe to drink and you will never lose your belongings.

    Enjoy Apartments has a lot of apartments over different countries, wherever you go on vacation we hope that the top 10 travel  gadgets will help you make your stay easier.

Top 10 travel gadgets