Top 10 restaurants in Lisbon you should always visit:

Jul 22, 2015 | Lisbon

Top 10 restaurants in Lisbon you should always visit:
Capital of Portugal and well known city due to its custard tarts and sea food is now changed into a gourmet food hall. Well every tourist to a country needs some information about good restaurants as they want to enjoy apartments Lisbon along with delicious foods. Most visited and well established restaurants of Lisbon can be listed as follows;
1 Time Out Mercado da Ribeira, Cais do Sodré:
This hotel is located in biggest market of fresh food and it is much favorite among most of the Lisboans. Time Out event which hosts total number of 35 kiosks and it includes delicious display of variety of food items like award winning café Aloma presents its special cust tarts, Altentejo ham plates and Azeitao sheep’s cheese. Fruit, fish and vegetables of different origin are sold here.
2 Cervejaria Ramiro, Intendente:
Basically, Ramiro is a historic temple well discovered by visitors and is also of rich fame among locals. The name of this restaurant is attached to this seafood temple. It was opened in 1956, and since that time it is offering different type of fish foods like tiger prawns, spikey shellfish, red scarlet shrimp, lobsters, crab and oysters.
3 Decadente, Bairro Alto:
Good apartment services with the delivery of food at required area are most salient features of this restaurant. If you want to cherish with delicious food, you can try this resort.
4 Cantinho do Avillez, Chiado:
Mouthwatering olives and tomatoes with a superb olive dip and sauce is one of my favorite dishes available in Lisbon.
5 Tágide Wine and Tapas Bar, Chiado:
An attractive bar situated in the hotel is offering two lunch options depending on the budget and need of customers. This bar is serving hundreds of clients on daily basis. Enjoy apartment Lisbon is well understood term when you visit this area.
6 Kiosks and churrascarias:
They are delivering enchanting variety of juices, snacks, coffee, beer and cocktails. Most famous is their restoration of original wrought iron.

7 Atira-te ao Rio, Cacilhas:
Cacilhas is seen as area leading towards specatular views of Lisbon. This restaurant is ell designed by having roof chair and table settings lit by specially formed lighting torches. Food available here is also pretty good. Beer, wine, fish, puddings and custard tarts are sold here.
8 SeaMe, Chiado:
SeaMe is modern and well furnished seafood restaurant. Specially uniformed staff is the specialty of this place and people are welcomed in a warm way. Ice cream corner along with fishy foods are always crowded areas as people prefer to eat ice of this place. Parrot fish and seared tuna are inevitable to neglect when you visit and enjoy apartment Lisbon.
9 The Nuns’ Canteen:
Lush apartments and fresh gardens are very popular here. Desserts and soups are among the most of orders delivered to visitors.
10 A Margem:
One of the most known tourist areas of Lisbon, this area is only visited by coachload and includes an elegant Belem tower. Off course, food is yummy and appetite filling having special custard tarts.