Top 10 Best Cities And Spots To Say Happy New Year!

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It is almost 2019, the year has gone so fast! Celebrating New Year in a different city than you live is a thing everyone loves, but what are the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve? There are  so many options in every city…
In this blogpost we will tell you the best places to celebrate New Year in the selected cities with your beloved ones!
In which city are you going to celebrate New Year? Let us know in the comments!

Cape Town

With New Year’s eve in Cape Town you have many parties to go to. The city is known as one of the best party places of the world and also with New Year’s eve you will notice that! You can go to hip parties in Camps Bay or go to the busy bars on Longstreet. Go to one of the biggest bars where famous DJ’s would play or just enjoy the live music in a nice restaurant.
Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, better known as V&A Waterfront is a lovely place to celebrate New Year’s eve. The New Year’s bash is one of the biggest New Years parties in Cape Town. The party at the Waterfront attracts thousands of people every year. There will be live music, street performers and a big and spectacular firework show.
You want to party New Year not big but BIG BIG? Than you should visit Rezonance New Years Eve Festival! This festival includes three days of partying, with two dance podia and more than 80 international acts

Rio de Janeiro

Rio new year is of course famous because in Rio there is one of the biggest firework show of the world. To see this the best way you should go to Copacabana beach. All over the entire width of the beach the firework is launched from the water into the sky! Try to get a spot near the water for the best view but keep in mind that this is the area where everybody wants to be and it’s terribly packed. If you’re going with young children, elderly people or simply don’t want to be squeezed by the crowds, stay away from these masses.
A thing that makes New Year in Rio even extra special is the dress code. So pick the right color of your clothes and underwear the color stands for the wish for the new year. Most people wear white that stands for peace but there are some other colors you can wear. Yellow stands for wealth, green for a good healt, red for passion, pink for love and never wear black that brings bad luck!


With New Year eve in London there is a big firework show above the river Theems and 130 meters from the Ferris Wheel, the London Eye. There are thousands of people witnessing the amazing fireworks show in London every year. The firework show is in the top three of the world. The celebrating of New Year in the British capital starts traditionally with a countdown till 00.00 at the famous Big Ben. When the Big Ben’s bells ring loud at twelve the amazing firework starts above the river Theems and continues on for about 15 minutes. The firework is special composite complication on the music. When the firework ends everyone starts to leave the area and goes in the bars, clubs and pubs. Make sure you buy tickets before new years eve, otherwise there is a big chance that you won’t get in a party. Also for a spot around the Big Ben you need to buy a ticket. This is to make sure everything runs smoothly and to prefend overcrowding.

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In Amsterdam they celebrate the kick-off of the New Year in the city centre, on the Nieuwmarkt, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein. The most events at newyears night start at 21.30 and go on in the early hours. The street parties are really popular among the Amsterdam people themselfs and among tourists. If you want to go to a club which is also a great way to celebrate new year, you can go to clubs like Jimmy Woo and Air Amsterdam. In these clubs there is always a big party! The Oosterdok is the main location for the national countdown moment. The VOC-ship Amsterdam and the Scheepvaart museum are the decoration of the best New Year event and fireworks show!


Just like all the big cities in the world, Dubai celebrates New Year
vuurwerk overalwith big firework shows. There are different locations in the city where these
shows are, but the show of the Burj Khalifa is the most famous one. This year there are not one or two but three big firework shows! What is special about these shows is that they don’t start at different times. The biggest firework show will be at the Burj Khalifa which will start at 00.00. When the show ends at the Burj Khalifa the next show starts at the Burj Al Arab. The last show is at the Jumeirah Beach Residence. Besides the big firework shows there are also big parties in Dubai. Dubai has big parties and big fireworks but you have to buy your tickets on time. 


In Barcelona there is one big event at Font Magica de Montjuic at Plaza Espanya! This event is for free and starts at 23.30 on the 31st of December and last for around 45 minutes. This event is not a real party but a public celebration for the whole family. The celebration has live music, a big firework show and the show of the Magic Fountain.  A great way to celebrate the new year at this spectacular show! After this show most people are going to a club. One of the best places to celebrate is at Poble Espanyol on a walking distance from the Magic fountain! For all the clubs you need to buy a ticket.


The celebrating of New Year in a different country gives a unique look in the culture. In Lisbon you will get to know the exuberance of the Portugese people. You can celebrate the new year in Lisbon at the beach, in the harbor, on the fort, at a the biggest square and in many clubs!
One of the best places to celebrate is Praça do Comércio the biggest square of Portugal. At this free open air show, you will never get bored. This is the most famous New Years Eve show in Lisbon. At the event are shows and concerts and when the clock hits 00.00 the firework spectacle will start. At this square you will have the best view of the fireworks that will be accompanied by great music!
Around the Vasco de Gama tower there will be a fire work show at 00.00, but this one is a little bit smaller than Praça do Comércio. The fun thing about this location is that the bars and restaurants are around the tower, before and after the firework show it’s very cosy over here.
In lisbon it’s also an option to get in the clubs and party, but you need to buy tickets for those clubs! A good club to celebrate is Club Kubo, located at the Taag. Over here you have a perfect view on the Taag and you can enjoy the firework from inside the club.


Vienna is famous for her New Year’s ball in the Hofburg Palace. This is great to see and and an amazing expierence! But for a decadent New Year, Austria has so much more to do! In this elegant city New Year is all about music and dance.
They transform the Christmas markets into a New Year market. You can Enjoy your New Years in an Ferris Wheel or visit the concert at Rathausplatz. In the city center there will be a party stage where you can celebrate your New Year with Vienna classical concerts. The day after New Year is a definitely must! Enjoy the New Year concert of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra. And don’t forget Prost when you cheers on the new year. Prost means cheers in Vienna!



Spend the last night of the year at the hippest harbor city of Europe. The stunning skyline of Rotterdam is the perfect decor for a spectacular New Year! Get a bottle of champagne, choose a great place to celebrate and enjoy!
The most spectacular firework show of the Netherlands is located in Rotterdam at the Erasmusbrug also known as the National New Year’s Eve! The firework in Rotterdam is accompanied by an amazing music show on the Boompjeskade. All the Rotterdam quays with the modern architecture is the decor of the biggest firework show!
Also a nice place to celebrate is at a great hight in the top of the Euromast. Every year they organize a comprehensive dinner with live music and toast at twelve! Or experience an amazing new year in the middle of the Maas. On many boats are new year’s parties organized. The fern through the Rotterdam harbor area and moor a little bit before 00.00 somewhere close to the Erasmusbrug. On this way you can enjoy the whole firework show from the water.
Most of the clubs in
Rotterdam have big parties, make sure you have tickets!


In Italy everything is celebrated with food. No miracle that the locals in Rome start their New Year’s Eve with a big dinner. Join the tradition and reserve a spot in an attractive restaurant. When everyone is full of the dining part, you are leaving just like the Italian people to one of the oldest squares in town. Over here you can enjoy a concert and you will count down the last seconds of this year together with everyone else on the square. At 00:00 there will be light up beautiful firework in the historical city, a moment to never forget! And after that you will keep on partying at the square or you go and visit one of the hippest clubs. Nice clubs to go for a New Year palike Hollywood and Alcatraz, but make sure you buy tickets before you go!
Buon anno nuovo!

Hopefully we brought you some ideas if you are going to one of these cities with New Year and as Enjoy Apartments we want to wish everyone a good 2019!