7 things to do in Barcelona on a rainy Day!

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7 things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day!

Normally the sun is shining sky high in Barcelona. But sometimes we have to deal with some rain, heavy rain in time. But don’t worry, in a city like Barcelona there is a rule: ‘The weather, doesn’t matter’. We don’t let us stop by a bit of rain. Barcelona got a lot more to offer! Here you can find 7 things to do in Barcelona on a rainy day!

So, Let’s get started. What’s the wait for!

1. Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour
Buy a ticket for the hop-on-hop-off bus tours through the city. Take a day ticket, €26,10 for adults and €14,40 for children till 12 years old, and let the bus take you to all of the cities monuments and hot spots.

You can decide your own tempo and hop-on or hop-off whenever and wherever you want.

2. Spa & Wellness centres
There is nothing better than to do nothing on a rainy day. Or maybe there is one thing better! Treat yourself well during a day like this, could be the best thing! Go to one of Barcelona’s Spa’s and enjoy the hot pools, the sauna’s or a nice massage.
Some really good spa’s over here are:

– Aire de Barcelona, Passeig de Picasso 22.

– Ambrosia Spa Barcelona, Passeig Domingo 9.
– 1850 Urban Spa Barcelona, Carrer Disputacio 75.

3. Shopping centers & Malls
Going out shopping is always a good idea, at least, when you are a woman! And Barcelona is one of the best cities to shop. If you know where to go! If you don’t, I’m going to tell you right away!
Of course you can go to the all known Passeig the Gracia. In case you want to spent something, you are in the right place. This is one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe.
But is this the best option on a rainy day? One of the malls would be a better choice!
You should check out the following places:
– Las Arenas, Plaza España. This former bullfight arena is now a stunning shopping mall with an outstanding view from the top floor.
– Diagonal Mar, Avenida Diagonal. At the down site of Avenida Diagonal you’ll find this huge mall!
– Mare Magnum, Port Vell. This modern center is located in the old harbor. It’s the only shopping center which is open on Sundays!

4. Museums
Barcelona can be named as one big open-air museum. But there are so many beautiful and incredible real museums to visit! I will name my personal top 5, of which I think you must visit them once!

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC). A visit to this place gives you a good view to the rich history of art from Catalunya and it contains some top creatures of the best artists from this region.
Museu d’História de Barcelona (MUHBA) and Museu d’História de Catalunya. These two museums are a the best choice when you are interested in the history of Barcelona or Catalunya in general. Also the view from the roof terrace of Museu d’História de Catalunya is incredible.

– The last two museums in my personal top 5 are two places, which represented two of Barcelona’s greatest artists ever. They both lived in Barcelona! Picasso and Miró, they don’t need to be introduced. Just visit their museums

5. Escape Rooms
The last years they rise in popularity and you can find them everywhere. The Escape Rooms. Find your way out within 60 minutes by figure out a lot of puzzles and questions. A good choice on a rainy day in Barcelona. I’ll give you some options:
– Lock-Clock, Passeig Patriarca 4

– Questory, Calle Galileu 158

– Mistery Escape, Avenida Diagonal 111, (For groups from 20 persons)

6. Cinema’s in English
Almost all the TV-shows and movies are synchronized with Spanish spoken voices. So as a foreign visitor it can be hard to find a good cinema if you want to enjoy a good movie on a rainy day. Till now! I’ll give you the options we have! Because we are a team and we help each other out!
– Ciné Melies, Calle de Villaroel 102.

– Cinemas Girona, Calle Girona 175.

– Cines Verdí Barcelona, Calle Verdi 32.

– Filmoteca de Catalunya Cine, Avinguda de Sarria 33.

– Renoir Floridablanca, Carre Floridablanca 135.

– Renoir Les Corts, Calle Eugeni d’Ors 12.

– Yelmo Icaria, Calle Salvador Espiriu 61.

7. Visit sights outsite of Barcelona (Where it’s not raining that day)
This could be the best option of this list! If you have a car or don’t mind to be on a train for a little time. You could go to some places nearby. What are the best places to go outside Barcelona on a rainy day? Well, even when it’s raining on the places I named over here. The visit would be great.
Sitges, a small city close to Barcelona. Only 30 minutes by train. Here you have a beautiful beach, which is not so crowded as the ones in Barcelona itself, and a lot of good restaurants!
Tarragona, this old Roman city used to be the capital of the Roman province of Hispania. You still can find a lot which remains you of the history. Really good place if you love some historical views and thoughts.
A few kilometers south of Tarragona, near Salou, you’ll find Port Aventura. This theme park got his own rail station and even a few on-site hotels! (www.portaventura.co.uk)

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Enjoy the best of your trip!