Three kings day – Reyes

As in all religious countries, and in particualr Spain, 3 Kings Day is celebrated. In Barcelona, this day is dedicated to the children and it is called Reyes. Having travelled for kilometres and kilometres by following the star, the three kings finally arrived to Jesus to bring him presents. In Barcelona the three kings will travel to the port of Barcelona in their boat filled with all presents together with their helpers and camels. In this blog we will tell you what you can do on “Noche de Reyes”!

On 6 januari 2019, there will be a day on which children receive presents. The three wise men from the east will make a procession through the city Barcelona and will be distributing thousands of sweets. The event will start at 16.30 at the port of El Moll de la Fusta and there will be music and more spectacular things which you have to see!

At 18:00 the three kings will receive the keys with which they can open all doors of the houses and at this time the procession starts at the Avinguda del Marqués de l’Argentera and the Estació de França. There are several processions in Barcelona with Reyes, but the most famouse one will start at the port of El Moll de la Fusta.
Important Streets where you can see this parade with the three kings are: Via Laietana, Plaça Urquinaona, Plaça Catalunya, Carrer Pelai, Plaça Universitat, Ronda de Sant Antoni and Avinguda Paral-lel.

In Barcelona people eat Rosca de Reyes on this day. Rosca de Reyes is a delicious kind of cake with colourful sweets on it.

Yearly the wise men travel to Barcelona from the East to bring happiness to the children. We really recommend celebrating Three kings day in Barcelona with your kids!

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