THIS makes Mallorca a great holiday destination

Jan 16, 2015 | Barcelona Guide

Sun, sea and beaches sounds really good don’t you think? Then is Mallorca the right destination for you to go on a not really expensive good holiday trip. People will come especially to Mallorca for serval things, some like to go swimming and lie down on the beach while the sun takes care of their tanning look. Others prefer to see the island, maybe by bicycle or just during a nice and long walk. Enjoy would like to help you with your decision.

The Curiosities

Do you want to see the best things of Mallorca? Here is a Top 5 of things that are a must to see or go to when you’re visiting Mallorca.

1. Valldemossa.
Valldemossa is a mountain village at the North-West of Mallorca. It’s a place with olive trees, tonsil trees and other vegetation. Do you love to make beautiful pictures of old buildings? Then you also can go to La Cartuja, this is a  monastery and belongs till the most important attraction of Valldemossa. This is a beautiful place for tranquility and hikers.

M valdemossa

2. Porto Christo
Would you like to have a romantic diner, then you really have to go to the beautiful and quiet Porto Christo. This place will give you an amazing view over the sea, can you taste it already? You can hire a boat and fare alongside the coast. Very familiar are the caves from Ham and Dracht, these together with the underground lake Lago de Martel are a special attraction.

M porto cristo

3. Alcúdia
The compact medieval town Alcúdia is located between the bays of Alcúdia and Pollença. The place has old city walls and a city gate. Alcúdia counts a lot old small houses, many narrow streets and alleys. There is this peninsula La Victoria that also belongs to Alcúdia, there are the holiday destinations Mal Pas and Bonaire. The beautiful beach attracts in the summer all the tourists. Do you have kids? Then is this a great destination.

 m Alcúdia

4. Sóller
In this place called Sóller are a lot of old houses from around the 16th and 18th century. So do you like to see a bit of history? Then you have to go there someday. Sóller and Port de Sóller are in a semicircle at the coast and are surrounded by green hills. By the hills you have these beautiful olive and citrus trees. So for the Eco people around here, this is the place for you!

 M soller

5. Palma de Mallorca
The capital city of Mallorca is Palma the Mallorca. From the 13th century, you can find a beautiful cathedral  called La Seu, a big marina, a castle and a cozy plaza called Plaza Mayor.

M palma de mallorca

 Excitement, adventure and action in Mallorca

For the sportive people around here, we have some great news. Would you like to have some excitement, adventure and action, Mallorca is a great place to do some intensive activities. We would like to share our thoughts about these activities. To start with the activities that most places have, you can rent a car or bicycle. With those you can go touring around the island and go to the beautiful places.

Furthermore you can go on a Segway tour, Paragliding above the sea/island an parasailing with a boat.

You also can do a lot of watersports in Mallorca. We are going to share a few with you. You can go kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, diving, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, boat trips and sea fishing.


Is it possible to find a good lounge/bar in Mallorca?

Would you like to go dancing and drinking some cocktails when you are on holiday? Mallorca has these amazing beach clubs where you can do all of it. We will start Chi Lounge Beach Club, this is a beach club in Palma Nova. Stylish venue with a private beach, chic bar and Thai & Chinese restaurant, sounds delicious already right? This also has a beautiful view of the sea. Then we have Nikki beach at Calvia Beach. This is the jetsetter’s favorite Mallorca beach club, on the south-west coast. Café Del Mar at Magaluf is a lounge club in from of the Wave House hotel – pool, bar & restaurant. Wave House Mallorca, also at Magaluf is a beach club with sportive things, you have to try out these amazing wave machines & perfect your surfing skills. It’s making me excited already. Las Terrazas Beach Club in Illetes, is a place where you have to go to get the best views of all. It has the fantastic views where you can see the whole coast, they have a wellness center, restaurant & stylish terrace.

M nightlife