Things to do in Venice

Feb 23, 2017 | Enjoy

Venice, the city of water and the city of the bridges. Where you hopelessly lost in the numerous, narrow alleys, where you can enjoy at a table along the water of the tastiest pastas and pizzas and where handsome men greet with ‘ciao, bella!’. Through the many channels sail gondolas with tourists, on every street corner can you go for gelato and with the vaporetto you can easily move to the other side of the town. What kind of things to do in Venice?


In Venice there are lot of gondolas: narrow, black boats with gold, ornate decorations. It is a traditional mode of transport in Venice since the 11th century. With this boats there are transport goods and people. There are currently only tourists transported along, because it is a good bussiness: one boat trip of 30 minutes costs about €80,-.



There is nothing better than Venetian ice cream. Around every corner can you buy gelato. Here in Venice you find of course the real deal! In Venice they have a lot of cornets with dipping as: chocolate with nuts and speckels. When you visit Venice you have to try this fantastic icecream!

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Is a Venetian church  and is build in the period 1631-1687 (pulled open about white limestone) along Canal Grande in district Dorsoduro. Apart from developements is octagonal it is barocstyle. The church is building because the people thought that the plague over was, but along time later is this broke out.


Club Del Doge

When you are in Venice than you have to go to Club Del Doge. This is the restaurant of luxurious hotel The Gritti Palace. is located at the Grand Canel en you can see the beautiful Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. Food with a view! They have very good pastas, but you pay a lot of money for one pasta around 30 euro and a drink is around the 10 euro.

Shopping Venice

Venice isn’t a shopping city, But you have enough venice stuff to buy. There are a lot of shops with the world famous ‘tourist crap’ as Venetian masks , paintings and hats. There are a lot of souvenirs shops where you can haggle. There a also luxurious boutiques with beautiful handmade masks. The quality is very good and you buy also much more for one mask. And in this city you have a lot of sunglases shops . You can find here also luxurious stores as: Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Furla, Pinko, Chanel, Sephora and Coin Excelcior. Coin Excelcior is a big ware house. Short there are enough shopping stores, but don’t expect that you are go back to your country with a full suitcase.


Ponte dei Sospiri or Bridge of Sighs

One of the things to do is the famous bridge which connects the Doge’s palace to the Dungeons, called this way because the prisoners, looking through a little opening on the bridge, used to sigh seeing Venice for the last time on their way to their cell.

bridge venz

St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) is Venice on parade, where everyone comes to see and be seen. It is Venice’s only square with the title of “piazza” – the rest are called “campo.” Life has revolved around this piazza since the days of the Republic, when it was a market as well as the center of civic and religious life. Considered one of the finest squares in the world and certainly Venice’s prime attraction, it is surrounded on three sides by the stately arcades of public buildings and on the fourth, by Basilica di San Marco’s riot of domes and arches and the soaring St. Mark’s campanile.












I hope that we show you what kind of things to do in the romantic city of Venice. There a lot of things to do when you visit venice. So I hope you enjoy when you visit it.