Top 5 Amazing Things To Do In Rotterdam – Sightseeing, Museums, Clubbing and more…

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Amazing things to do in Rotterdam

As second biggest city in the Netherlands and with one of the biggest harbours in the world, Rotterdam is worth visiting and there are pleanty of things to do in Rotterdam. Big travel guide books as Rough Guide put Rotterdam in the top 10 cities to visit in 2014 and that’s not for any reason. Rotterdam is known for it’s modern architecture, it’s harbour and for it’s beatiful skyline. But besides that Rotterdam has a lot more to offer. What is fun to do and what can you visit when going to Rotterdam?

Things to see

Cube Houses
In 1977 the cube houses where build in Rotterdam Blaak, the houses seem to be oblique, but actualy the tric is quite simple. In one of the cubes you can take a look to see how Piet Blom the architect of the cube houses designed them. The Cube houses are one of the great architectal things you can see in Rotterdam.


The Euromast is the biggest watchtower in the Netherlands. From this watchtower you can do abseiling, track down with a rope and ofcourse the main reason to go to the euromast, enjoy the view of Rotterdam and the cities around it.

You can take a trip on the spido. The spido is a big boat where you can go on to see the great places the harbour of Rotterdam has to offer, go to other harbours in south Holland or go on a daytrip.

Rotterdam Zoo – Blijdorp
In Rotterdam you have a big zoo called blijdorp. Blijdorp has a lot of  beautiful reserves with species from all different countries.


Netherlands Architecture Institute
Rotterdam has some great architecturist building. Curious how this buildings are made, who the architectures and where and how long it took to build things like the Erasmusbridge, the euromast and other buildings in Rotterdam? Go on and visit the NAI. The NAI is for everyone that is interested in there surroundings and how it’s build, at the architecture museum you will also see how other buildings in the netherlands where build.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
At the Boijmans Van Beuning museum there is a balance betwean old art and modern art. Discover how art changed over history and see some wonderfull exhebitions at the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum.

World museum
The world museam tells you everything about the cultures, habits of all different countries. Take a guided tour and explore the culture and habits of Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Americas and the Islamic heritage.


At the Kunsthal there are always interesting exhibitions. Every month there are several topics about art, fashion and more. Check out the website of the kunsthal to see of there are some interesting exhibitions for you.


Lijnbaan and Beursplein
All the best-known shops and department stores are along Lijnbaan,Beursplein and the Beurstraverse, known as the ‘shopping gutter’ for the locals.


Oude Binnenweg & Nieuwe Binnenweg
Together, Oude Binnenweg and Nieuwe Binnenweg form a long street with surprising shops. Not only clothes, in this area you van also buy jewellery, books, records and sweet delicacies.

The Meent has a lot of trendy concept stores and is the perfect location for alternative audience. The Meent is growing, and there coming more shops on the Meent.

Witte de Withstraat
Witte de Withstraat is known for its artistic, multicultural atmosphere and dynamic nightlife. It runs from Museumpark to the Maritime Museum.


The bazar is a mix of cultures, the waiters have different roots, the food is from all over the world and the interior is full of stuff from different countries. If you want to eat something different and not the standard, go eat at bazar for a great dinner and a wonderfull evening.

Happy Italy
A restaurant where you can enjoy daily with a great pizza, a delicious pasta, a fresh salad or a real Italian sandwich.


Gauchos is an amazing Argintinian grill restaurant where you eat the best steaks of Rotterdam. The meat is really tender and they have high quality products.


BED has three floors. In the basement with ledplafond’s Club BED. On the ground floor can lunch and dine and one can from 22:00 dancing until the early hours. On the first floor is the rooftop terrace overlooking the Coolsingel. Here one can enjoy. Both day and evening BED want to go out again introduce in Rotterdam as it was originally intended. This means that quality, atmosphere and experience are key.

XL Lounge
This resently opened lounge is a great place to go in the evening. You can watch football mathces, enjoy the music, smoke waterpipe or just go for a drink at XL Lounge you have a lot of possibilities.

At the stadhuisplein you have a lot of bars and small clubs. You have a wide choise and you can go to the place you like the most.

In the past the Maassilo was a big grain fabric. Nowadays Maassilo is the biggest club in Rotterdam. Maassilo is know for it’s big musicevents and great line ups. When all the halls are open Maassilo can have 5.500 people.

Like Amsterdam? Try Rotterdam!
Now you know what things to do in Rotterdam with all it’s architecture, great museums, a wonderful zoo, a wide diversity of shopping streets, tasty restaurants and an amazing nightlife with the best clubs.

Have you been to Rotterdam recently? What did you think about it? Share it with us!

Never been in Rotterdam? As one of the top 10 cities to visit in 2014  you should give it a try.

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