Things to do in Budapest

Apr 6, 2017 | Enjoy

Things to do in Budapest.

The Hungarian capital budapest is one of the most cheapest city trip destinations in Europe. But you can still save some money while traveling to Budapest. So here is a list with 10 free things to do in Budapest!

#FIRST – Fisherman’s Bastion
One of the most beautiful places of Budapest. Because of the the amazing building but also because of the view on the district’s buda and pest. The Fisherman´s bastion is mostly free to visit. Only the upper towers and the chapel you need to pay. The costs are around €2,50. But when it isn’t tourist season (october till march) those are also free.


#SECOND – Go on church tour
Budapest counts a lot impressive churches. The Matthiaschurch (or Mátyás-templom) is the most knowed church, but also the Saint Stephen’s Basilica, the Hungarian Orthodox Church, the Franciscan Church, St. Anne’s Church and the Calvinist Church are beautiful of the outside but also the inside is amazing. Further Budapest has the second largest synagogue in the world. The enormous: Nagy Zsinagóga. The opening hours of the churches in Budapest vary greatly. So check this before you go.

#THIRD – Climb the castle Hill
Reserve minimal one day for visiting the castle hill. You can reach the top of the by walking or use Budavári Sikló funicular. In addition to the previously mentioned Matthias church & Fisherman’s Bastion you also find here the stronghold of buda. This palace complex consists of several beautiful buildings, surrounded through a maze of alleys and streets. In the castle district are also a historic museum and the national gallery established. Not all those buildings are free to visit, but the castle hill self and surrounded gardeners are.
Castle hill


#FOURTH – Relax on Margaret Island
Margitsziget, or Margaret Island is a green island in the Danube, of 2,5 by 0,5 kilometer. Locals come here to relax and to walk, but also by runners is this island popular. City Park Margaret Island counts more than 5 kilometers of walking pads, but also medieval ruins, a small zoo, a Japanese garden, a musical fountain, a beautiful water tower, swimming pools, a wellness center and an outdoor theater. So far from a boring island.
Margaret island

#FIFTH – Walk on heroes square
Paris has the Arc de Triomphe, Berlin the Brandenburger Tor and Budapest has Hősök tere. The heroes square. This square at the end of Andrássyboulevard is undoubtedly one of the most photographed places of Budapest. Central on the square you see Millennium Monument. An 45 meters high column with on the angel Gabriel, surrounded by a colonnade with fourteen bronze statues of former Hungarian monarchs. Directly behind Heroes’ Square is Városliget city park.
heroes square

#SIXTH – A free walk tour
Walk under accompaniment of a local guide thru the old streets of buda and pest, and get the most out of your visit to the city. Choose for a 2,5 hour long general walk through Budapest, also include a walk through Gresham Palace (now a hotel), St. Stephen’s Basilica, and naturally the Castle District. Or choose one of the free themes variants, such as communism tour.



#SEVENTH – Visit the parliament building
The Hungarian parliament building in Budapest you can’t miss. From Buda you have a good view on this imposing building. Not only the biggest building of the country, but also still the highest of Budapest. But don’t limit you only to the picture moment on the other side of the river. Parliament building is really worth a close look. When you want to see the inside you have to buy a ticket of 6 euro. But the courtyard is always free to visit.
parliament building



#EIGHT – Párisi Udvar

Shopping gallery Párisi Udvar – Parisian court – is build early 20e century, and you can compare it with Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. The covered gallery is on the two lower floors of the building. Párisi Udvar has a beautiful roof of glass and is adorned with numerous sculptures.


#NINTH – Walk the bridges of Budapest
There are 14 bridges inside the city borders of budapest, those connect the city parts buda and pest with each other. Especially the freedombridge, Elizabethbridge and chainbridge (Széchenyi lánchíd) are more than just a place to cross the donau. Those bridges have a appearance that fits to the list, London Tower Bridge & Karelsbridge in Prague



#TENTH – Free museums
The same as in a lote of European city´s, opens also the museums in budapest sometimes for free. A lot of musea are free opened on hungarian special days like: 15 march, 20 august and 23 october. Further are the hungarian national gallery and museum for fine arts, every third saturday of the month free to visit for people under 26 years old. When it is museum night most of the times it’s the end of june you can’t go free but, you pay only 4 euro to visit all the museums in Budapest. It´s only a little bit difficult to visit them all by one night.

So budapest doesn’t have to be expensive! With this top 10 free sightseeings in Budapest