Things to do in Barcelona in October!

Sep 13, 2019 | Enjoy

Did someone say autumn? Yep, that time of the year again. The weather gets a little colder, but that actually makes it perfect to visit all the amazing things Barcelona has to offer. Besides that, there are a few nice festivals as well! With this blog, you will not be bored in Barcelona this month!

Oktoberfest Barcelona

What is October without an Oktoberfest? One of the many reasons why you should visit it! It is held in the Plaza Universo de Fira Barcelona Montjuïc, and it is free! The start of the festival will be on Thursday October 3rd at 17:00. And with the opening of the first beer, the 11 days of fun will begin! Make sure you arrive early if you want a table! Visit their website for more information.

Voll-Damm Barcelona Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival is held in various locations around Barcelona, with numerous great jazz performers from around the world performing. Besides that, there are also a few classes and fun events. Definitely worth visiting! You can go to this festival for the whole month of October! See their website for more information. Location: Various locations in Barcelona.

Sitges Festival

This Film festival is located in a nearby town (Sitges) and shows various fantasy, horror and sci-fi movies. There will be screenings and conferences. And after the festival, there is a night train that goes back to Barcelona. Although it’s not the worst to be stuck in Sitges, as it is also a beautiful place to visit! The festival is held from the 3rd until the 13th of October. See their website for more information. Location: Sant Honorat, 32-34. 08870 Sitges

Mercat de Mercats

In this 3-day event, you can see a lot of amazing markets in Barcelona. Showing fresh, colourful and delicious food. Get a taste (literally) of the food culture in Barcelona. The festival is held on the 18th – 20th of October. Location: Square Catedral, s/n

48 Open house

If you like architecture, this is your event. At the 48 Open house buildings and spaces are open for the public, that normally can not be displayed. You can visit (historical) buildings, works, and architectural structures. Over 200 of them are showed! The event will be held on the 26th and 27th of October. See their website for more information. Location: Various locations in Barcelona.

La Castanyada

You’d might say Halloween but here in Barcelona we say La Castanyada. All Saints’ Day and the evening before are known as the Castanyada. You can eat a lot of roasted chestnuts (‘castanyes’), marzipan cakes (‘panellets’) and roasted sweet potatoes (‘moniatos’). And with the popularity of Halloween rising, you will also find a lot of parties around the city to celebrate this day! The event is on the 31st of October until the 1st of November.

Hopefully you liked this article! Are you still looking for an apartment in Barcelona in October? Take a look at our website or send us a message!