The Sagrada Familia will be finished soon!

Nov 16, 2015 | Barcelona, Barcelona Guide, Enjoy

During a city trip to Barcelona, you have to bring a visit to the Sagrada Familia. The Sagrada Familia is one of the world’s most famous churches, but also one of the world’s most strange. Because the Sagrada Familia is still not ready after all these years. It has been going on for over a hundred years, but in 2026 the construction of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona will finally be completed. After exactly 144 years..

That insured project leader Jordi Fauli during a presentation of the status of the construction work. The construction costs are around 25 million euros every year, exclusively financed with donations and entrance fees.

It should actually have been Gaudí´s masterpiece, but that it is now not the case anymore.. They started with building the church since the nineteenth century (1882 to be exact).

The reason that it all takes so long to finish the Sagrada Familia, is that the construction mainly depends on donations. Would you like to see inside the Church, then it costs you 4 euros, which is used for construction. So definitely go check it out when in Barcelona, then the Church can be ready sooner! Also the Spanish civil war and several other reasons have ensured that the construction is delayed.

Six towers
Next year the builders will start with the upper parts of the six Central Towers. That will, however, only starting from 2017 be visible from the outside. The highest Tower will have a height of 172.5 meters. This takes into account the desire of Gaudi that the Church would be in no case exceed the Montjuïc hill (180 metres) in Barcelona.

The 56-year-old Fauli has been the project leader since 2012. He is already the ninth architect in charge of the construction. The Sagrada Familia is a symbol of Barcelona and one of Spain’s most popular attractions. It is God’s House, which was inaugurated as a Basilica by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010. The Basilica combines neo-Gothic and modern styles. The Sagrada Familia stands on the World Heritage list of Unesco since 2005.

Want to know what the end result of the Sagrada Familia looks like? Check the video!

Funny is that Gaudí thought there would only be 10 years needed to finish the cathedral, obviously it were some more.. What do you think about the end result of the Sagrada Familia? Let us know by Social media and the comments below!