The Pearl Of The Adriatic, Where To Go And What To See In Dubrovnik!

Nov 23, 2016 | About us, Destinations, Enjoy, Enjoy Apartments, Highlight Apartments, Tips Enjoy Apartments

Did you notice? Our Enjoy Apartments website has added a new city to her destinations. I am talking about Dubrovnik! Dubrovnik is one of the pearls at the Andriatic coast. This beautiful city was terribly destroyed during the Yugoslav Wars, but is making a strong comeback! The old town has been restored after the destruction and is one of the best preserved walled cities in Europe. In Dubrovnik you can walk through narrow streets, beautiful churches, lively squares and over the impressive city walls.
This blogpost is about where to go and what to see in Dubrovnik!

Walk over the city walls of Dubrovnik

Before you can start to walk over the city walls you’ll need to buy tickets, these tickets cost 10 euros per ticket. When you’ve bought the tickets you can start walking. The city walls are around the whole city of Dubrovnik. You will have the best view over the old town, when you see all those old houses it will give you the feeling that you have traveled back in time. You will see the best view of the adjacent bay where a few scenes are played from the serie Game of Thrones. Enjoy the perfect Adriactic azure blue sea!
During the route you will pass many watchtowers with even more good views. A really good thing about the wall is that at no place you will see the same. Then you need to take the stairs, make a curve, pass a small square, along the roofs and get on the stairs again. As you can read a real adventure. This walk over the city walls of Dubrovnik is an experience you would never forget!

Square Loza

The square of Loggia (Loza) was the political and economic heart of Dubrovnik and now it is a nice meeting place. If there is one place where it is the most of the time busy, it’s over here. Around the square are many buildings. In the middle of the square is the Orlando Colum with a medieval statue created by the sculptor Antonio Ragusino. This medieval monument is a symbol of Dubrovnik‚Äôs independece and freedom! You will also find the 15th-century bell tower Loggia Bell over here. This Tower is marked with her special four clocks. At the edge of the square of Loza you can find the Blaise church. As you can read there is enough to see and enjoy the beating heart of Dubrovnik!

The cableway to mountain Srd

The cableway is the touristic symbol of Dubrovnik, the calbeway was destroyed in the war. The cableway has been renovated and is a perfect transport to go up mountain Srd. The cableway runs from just behind the old city to the mountain. This ride will takes about four minutes and will reach the height of 412 meters. On the top of the mountain you will have the best view over Dubrovnik. There is also a restaurant and small shop. An one-way ticket for the cableway is 10 euros, so in total going up and going down will cost 20 euros per person. This isn’t expensive and your return is a panoramic view over Dubrovnik!

Banje, Dubrovnik beach

Banje is located close to the old city, the beach has beautiful views, clear water and good restaurants. Take a break from your discovery for a view hours relaxing on the beach of Banje. This beautiful beach is just a moment away from the old town. Over here you will have the best view at the island Lokrum and the old Habor of Dubrovnik. Enjoy your day at the beach and rent a sunlounger. Just lay down, enjoy the sun and take a swim in the azure Adriatic sea. At this place you will feel relaxad and live the good life!

This was everything where to go and what to see in Dubrovnik! Still need an apartment in Dubrovnik? Take a look at our website