Curacao is going to celebrate its first genuine gay Pride this year, event which will take place along with Curacao Pride 2013 between September 25 and September 29. The organizer is Curacao Gay Pro, association consisting of several dedicated organizations and individuals, all working for Curacao and Caribbean sexually diverse communities (LGBT). Curacao Gay Pro is comprised of Curacao Pink House and Pride Foundation (FOKO), Floris Suite Hotel, Pepper Katana, Williwoord Country pub / terrace and The Gallery Lounge – gay club. All these institutions have bonded together in order to form a renowned organization, which has been activating and hosting gay prides since 2005. The events were previously known as Curacao’s Get Wet Festivals, but now they are simply called gay prides.

Things to do during the gay pride
When it comes to the Gay Pride on Curacao this year one should know that several celebrations will take place at the time, including a Masked street dance (in downtown Willemstad), a White Party Curacao-Style plus several other theme parties, honoring LGBT allies and icons, spiritual celebrations, a movie marathon and an extra conference for Women and Sexual Diversity. While some activities will require prior registration, many others will come free of charge. Curacao Gay Pro expects plenty of visitors from USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean to come and join the event, thus contributing to the island’s tourism drive.

Curacao Gay Pride 2013 is part of the dedicated program of Curacao Gay Pro which will run until the middle of 2014. Other noticeable events of this program include the Caribbean Carnival Festival (February 2014) and a huge All Caribbean Pride (May 2014), both being expected to attract a large mass of foreign visitors. More details about these events are going to be announced in the next few months, when Curacao Gay Pro will present its complete Pride Program for 2013-2014. To the presentation event will also take part INTERPRIDE (International Pride Organization) and IGLTA (The International Travel Association for Gays and Lesbians).

Gay friendly island
For Curacao Gay Pro and its affiliates this parade represent the beginning of Curacao Gay Pride 2013, a new phase taking place after almost 18 years of continuous struggle for acceptance and recognition of sexual diversity within the Curacao society. In addition, it shows that Curacao has successfully managed to align to the worldwide trends regarding sexual equality, and thus deserves to be recognized as the most gay friendly island in Caribbean.

From all over the world
Visitors attending the Gay pride in Curacao this year will also be able to witness the first ever Gay Pride Week (celebration) in the island, where various prizes and rewards will be offered. In addition, the week will be a truly explosive one, with thousands of individuals from all corners of the world being expected to join. This in combination with the “live and let live” events within the island promise to make Curacao one of the most welcoming islands for people with different sexual views.

Apartments Curacao
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