The Fiesta de Noantri in Rome

Jun 25, 2015 | Enjoy

The most popular festival in Trastevere in the neighborhood of Rome is the Festa de Noantri, it began in the year 1927. The Festa de Noantri means Our Festival and it is commonly celebrated by the residence of Trastevere. It is an annual festival
that people celebrate their humble working class origin. The festival is a religious procession, which involve carrying of the statue of Madonna Fiumarola around the streets creating a wonderful festive atmosphere. The festival is associated with a famous myth that there was a bad storm in certain year back around 1535; local anglers caught in his net a statue of Virgin Mary carved in a cedar wood in the Tiber River mouth.

The Madonna Fiumarola or in other name the Madonna of the River was
offered to Carmelite nuns of San Crisogono in Piazza Sonnino, Trastavere as a
donation and this act as the saint patron of that district. The statue Madonna
Fiumarola is now in Church of St Agatha.

This festival is normally celebrated around 15-30 July every year, it is a period of two weeks of street festivals, arts events, eating and drinking in piazzas and all the streets. The festival is also celebrated in a very high religious note to show a great tribute and respect to Virgin Mary. Trastavere is one of the ancient district and a historic centre in Rome, just across the Tiber River and it was mainly home to fishermen, sailors and Jewish communities. Now days its streets that are narrowly cobbled still has medieval surrounding and great communal sense. The restaurants and bars have gained popularity among the Romans and tourists worldwide.

The people of Trastavere district carved another statue in the 20th century that is now used these days in the Festa de Noantri, it is called the Virgin Mary of Mount
Carmel. Her feast is celebrated in 16 July every year in Trastavere. For the year 2015, it will take place on the Saturday 21st. the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel is greatly carried in a spectacular way to the church of San Crisogono from Saint Agatha by ten men and a local bishop who dress in his finery. It then stays for display for duration of eight days before being returned to Saint Agatha.

For the all two weeks celebrations, the streets of Trastavere are alive with its dancing and open air dining, street stalls arts and performances. There is a lot of wine and food in the street giving the Festa de Noantri celebration of its own kind and exceptional opportunity to know the extra ordinary Roman culture and traditions. The celebrations are accompanied dances, theatre and music. The celebrations are finalized by fireworks over the Tiber River on festivals’ final night.

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