Do you want to participate with the Amstel Curacao Race? Read here more about the race!

Oct 22, 2013 | Curacao Guide, Enjoy Apartments, Events Curacao, Highlight Apartments, Tips Enjoy Apartments

In the 12th day of November of every year for the last decade, the streets of Curacao is usually dominated by thousands of cyclists. It’s obviously not to protest or for public demonstration, but to enjoy the closing ceremony of the cycling season in the country of Venezuela.What is the Amstel Curacao race? Where does it take place? When does it happen? Can you take part in the race? These are some of the most common questions that won’t cease to ring in your head every time you hear the name “The Amstel Curacao race”. This race is widely known and people from all over the world participate in it, if you are therefore a cyclist and you’ve never taken part in the race then it’s high time that you make effort to attend the race.
– What is the Amstel Curacao race?

This is an 80 kilometers cycling race that takes part in Curacao, an island in the Venezuela. Although it’s not an official race, it has proved to be as significant as any other global competitive cycling race. It’s held at the end of the cycling season and involves a wide range of worldwide cyclists. The race accommodates both amateurs and pros and is considered to be the most diversified cycling race in the whole world. Most people consider it as an “after party” of the cycling season and it’s a time when cyclists take the chance to enjoy in something that they love.It’s an open race and accommodates anyone who is interested in taking part. Therefore every November 12th you should embrace yourself for the race.


– Where do you stay when you attend the Amstel Curacao race?

If you are planning to travel to Curacao then you must definitely have somewhere to stay during the race. However, Curacao provides you with the best apartments and resort destinations for any cyclists who requires a comfort zone before and after the tiring race. Here are few enjoy-apartments that you may find appealing:

If you still need an accomodation then you can take a look at Enjoy Apartments and you will find something what suits for you.

With the high standards of accommodation in Curacao, you are guaranteed a smooth stay during the Amstel Curacao race. Notable cyclists like Tom Boonen and Alberto Contador have participated and won, therefore it’s a chance to race with the world cycling pros. If you have always dreamt of testing your cycling skills with different notable cyclists, then this is your chance.