Swimming pools in Barcelona

Jul 2, 2019 | Enjoy

Swimming pools in Barcelona

What can be better than enjoy a summerdrink at the side of a swimming pool in Barcelona? We can do some suggestions, but maybe better to find it out yourself. Allright, 1 suggestion. A summerdrink at the side of a swimming pool while a DJ is playing some hot tunes!

Barcelona is wel known of the beaches. Those beaches are a great place to go during the summer heat. In the summer months it will be around 30 degrees every day, for around 2/3 months long. So it’s important to have a look for the cool of water.

Public swimming pools in Barcelona.

In Barcelona you can find some public swimming pools where you can go to. The public swimming pools are mostly just to swim, there are no other features like a trendy bar or a DJ playing hot tunes to chill out under the sun. But to get some refreshments they are really welcome.

Piscina Municipal Montjuïc

Piscina Municipal Montjuïc




















Some of the public swimming pools you can go to are:

Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc
This swimming pool is loved by the locals as wel, mostly because of the stunning views you’ll have over the city of Barcelona. The pool is located at the hill side of the Montjuïc and here were the competitions of the Olympics 1992. Unfortunately it isn’t allowed to use the diving boards. That would made it even more fun to go to this place.

Address: Avinguda Miramar, 31, 08038 Barcelona
Hours: Every day from 11:00am till 6:30pm
Entree: €6,50,-

Piscina Can Dragó
Probably the greatest public swimming pool of Barcelona. With over 2.000m2 of watersurface there is space enough for everybody. Especially for families with kids this swimming pool is the best choice. There is a big shallow pool where the kids can play. The restaurant is as good as you can expect from a pool, there is a big area with picnick tables to eat.

Address: Carrer de Rosselló i Porcel, 7, 08016 Barcelona
Hours: Every day from 10:30am till 7:30pm
Entree: Adults €8,-  / Kids €2,-

The CNAB is one of the biggest gym’s of Barcelona. In fact it’s more something like a community. In the swimming pools they also play water polo and other sports. CNAB is more than just a club. There are 3 big swimming pools, 2 outside and one inside. It’s located at the beach of Barceloneta and therefore good to combine with any other activity in the city.

Address: Plaça del Mar, s/n, 08003 Barcelona
Hours: Every weekday from 6:30am till 11:00pm. On sunday till 8:00pm.
Entree: €12,50

‘Beach clubs’ in Barcelona

Puro Beach

Puro Beach












Go Beach Club
Allthough real beach clubs are not allowed in Barcelona by the city hall. You can find something like a beach club in the area of Forum. Go Beach Club is a new hotspot in town. This place got everything you’ll expect from a beach club in a city like Barcelona. Lounge beds, swimming pool, DJ, trendy people and of course a good kitchen and bar. This is the spot for people who want to enjoy a good cocktail and relax with the tunes of a DJ.

Address: Carrer Port Esportiu, 14P, 08930 Barcelona
Hours: Every day from 11:00am till 11:30pm
Entree: depends on the event, check the website

Puro Beach
Puro Beach is a well known name in Barcelona for the trendy people. This is where you have to go for the Instagram posts you need. All the way down at Diagonal, close to the place named above. Easy to reach and after a day of relaxing you can join the parties that are organized here. The food is good and the cocktails even better!

Address: Passeig del Taulat, 262-264, 08019 Barcelona
Hours: Every day from 10:00am till 10:00pm
Entree: Depends on the party, check the website

Hotels with swimming pool

There is always the option to go to a hotel with a swimming pool. Not all the hotels allow you to take a dive. But at almost all the hotels there is a nice terrace around the pool to enjoy a summer drink, stunning views and sometimes the relaxing sounds of a DJ.

The Palace

The Palace




















Hotel Oasis
This small hotel, located at the border of Barceloneta and El Born has a terrace with a small pool which is free to use for everybody, unless you’ll order a drink or some food. The ambiance is very chill and of course you have to respect the guests of the hotel as wel.

The Barcelona Edition
This hotel has a stunning rooftop with swimming pool. Unfortunately it’s not allowed for non-guests of the hotel to use the pool. (But you can always give it a try of course.) Anyway, the views from the terrace are beautiful and you can see Barcelona from a completely different way. Try to recognize some of the cities hotspots from above and see if you are a Barcelona Expert. Don’t forget to order yourself a refreshing cocktail or other summer drink! The bar is great!

The Palace, by Ritz Carlton
Probably the most classic place you can find in town. With the Jazz-bar in the basement and the stunning rooftop this hotel got something for everybody. On summer nights they put a DJ on the terrace who plays some relaxing summer house tunes to relax with your drink. There is a pool and also from this spot you will have stunning views over the city of Barcelona. There is a special look-out spot on the highest part of the hotel where you can stand with 2 people, can it be more romantic?

Juan Carlos, by Fairmont
Another classic hotel in Barcelona. All the way up of Diagonal, close to the Camp Nou stadium you can find this hotel. Here it is allowed for non-guests to use the swimming pool. So now you know, use the advantage! The restaurant of this hotel is outstanding, so after an afternoon of relaxing you can threat yourself with a good dinner!


With all the places named above you will have enough choice to find some refreshments during your stay in Barcelona. If you are still looking a place to stay, don’t search any longer and hurry to EnjoyApartments and their Barcelona apartments. A lot of choice in the safest neighborhoods of Barcelona for reasonable prices. Take a look!
And if you tried out some of the places above, leave a comment on this blog to let us know how did you enjoyed them!