Sonar Barcelona. A perfect Mix Between Music And Art.

Jan 29, 2015 | Barcelona Guide

Sonar Music Festival Barcelona 18 19 20 June 2015


Sonar Music Festival in Barcelona is THE perfect mix between music and art. The festival grows more and more by the time. It is familiar as one of Europe’s most familiar Music festival. Every year, at some weekend in June Barcelona will be full with thousands of music lovers from all over Europe. They can be recognized because of their huge sunglasses, trendy slippers and their own style of fashion. Do you want to be at this year’s version of the coolest festival of Barcelona? Enjoy will give you tips so your Sonar weekend will be unforgettable and easy!


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 What is Sonar?

Sonar created in 94 a perfect association between creativity and technology, a world-wide event and meeting area for creative people from several cultures and communities. It’s a combining of playful nature. 18 19 20 June, 3 summer days filled with big names from the electronic dance music branch.  Names like Skrillex, The Chemical Brothers, Duran Duran, Die Antwoord, FKA Twings and Flying Lotus. Curious about more names? Check them out here

Sónar Barcelona’s activities are divided into two main locations: the recently premiered Sónar by Day, located from 2013 in Fira Montjuïc, with concerts and dj’s, showcases as well as the new Sónar by Day area, the essence of which is discovering and tracking new talent and enhance professional activities; and the larger shows at Sónar by Night, in Fira Gran Via de L’Hospitalet, where the leading names in the current international music scene are staged.

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It’s a City Festival

There will be no field where people will be camping, no it is a city festival! So you have to look for an accommodation in Barcelona. Enjoy Apartments offers apartments close to the festival and/of in the center of the city. In the middle of the city, very useful! Because Sonar by Day is in the middle of the center. Sonar by Night is somewhere further out the city.

It is more difficult to get to Sonar by Night, than to get to Sonar by Day. You will see considerable much party people in the city and they will have the struggle to get a taxi or take a bus that will bring them to the location further out the city. Sonar by Night is in Fira Gran Via, one of the outskirts of Barcelona.

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 Make a plan!


It is sensible to plan some things before the night has begun, like how you can get home. Sonar by Night is until 20:00, with thousands of people at one location outside Barcelona with a couple of options to get home…

Enjoy will give you the right advice!

What is the fastest way to get to the party destination? Sonar by Night

Within 15-20 minutes can you be at Sonar by Night from the center. Important to remember is that the taxies will be special in request at the Sonar Weekend. Tip! Go to the less tourist parts of the city, here you will easy find a taxi.

For a taxi you have to pay mostly like 60 euro. The taxi drivers know really good how wanted they are, so they put the “meter” of and just ask you for an amount. It is a really good option if you go with a group.

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Students be like. The public transport!

From Plaza Espanya can you go with the metro green line L3 or the red line L1 to the festival. Did you already know that you can use the metro card also for the train, tram and bus in Barcelona. Very useful! If you are nearby the FGC-Station, then go by train! You are there within 5 minutes. Trains from Plaza Espanya are driving until 00:00 midnight. Train from Europe/Fira begin at 05:10 with driving and will drive four times an hour. Sonar by Night is located at the corner of the train station and you can follow the signs that will guide you to the right way.

Book an apartment


Sonar Barcelona attracts a huge quantity people to the city. You can’t come without booking when you are going to visit Barcelona in the festival week. Perhaps you have to sleep on the beach.. Enjoy has a huge spectrum on apartments, we will help you to prevent a sleepless night at the beach.

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There is much more!


Are you not really into the festivals? The quantity people who are coming to the city are inevitably impact on the clubs and nightlife. It’s definitely worth it to see what the Barcelona nightlife has to offer.

Everywhere on the streets are posters and flyers which have a great variety of music. From techno, house to all electronic style. The Sonar music festival is one of the most exciting times to be in Barcelona. Search all the boring and practical plans before you go, so once you are here that you can enjoy listening to music in the sunshine.

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 How to buy tickets for Sonar Barcelona?

Tickets for the festival are available on the phone or online. There are also dedicated phone/online outlets for the UK, France, Belgium and Switzerland. If you have made an online or over the phone booking there is also a list of collection centres on Sonar’s official site where tickets can be collected for entry into the festival itself.

Prices vary between 180 and 250 euros for a whole weekend. Be quick, the final prices go up to 310 euros

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