Sightseeing Tips In Barcelona.

Jan 24, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

What museums in Barcelona should you visit ? Does anyone have tips for touring to Barcelona? These questions often arise, whether it is at a birthday, a party or just having lunch with your friends. Actually, the thing is that there is so much to so and do in Barcelona that the reply to this is not easily given. So, let’s put it in the hands of a connoisseur, Bob. Bob is a freelance writer for an English newspaper and has been living in Barcelona for more than 15 years.

If you go to Barcelona; What are the museums not to miss Bob? The question seems not too difficult for the writer that answers as follows:

“Having more than 50 museums, Barcelona is Europe’s favourite tourist destination. Barcelona’s offer can be entirely personalized to anyone’s taste. It depends whether you are a culture lover, a sport lover, a nature lover and so on. Obviously there are, like your question already indicates, some museums in Barcelona you cannot miss.

My top 5 of museums not to miss would be as follows:

1 – Sagrada Famila. Sagrada Familia is famous architect Antoni Gaudi’s lifework is the life work of Barcelona Architect Antonio Gaudi. This museum is being built since 1882 and is very impressive to see.

2 – Dali Museum. The Museo Dali Dali museum is not situated in the city center but at approximately 1 hour drive from Barcelona in a small town called Figueres. The Museo Dali is truly a joy for the eye. You will induce the art of Salvador Dali in person. That is the fun of the Dali museum. More than an art visit, this is a real art experience. Several works can only be seen when you visit the museum.

3 – Museo Picasso. The Picasso Museum is dedicated to one of Spain’s master artists Pablo Picasso. In the museum one will find a large collection of Pablo Picasso, in particular drawings from the period Picasso lived in the south of France.

4 – Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña (MNAC). The MNAC must be the museum in Barcelona I know that has the better location. It is located on the Montjuich mountain just up from Plaza de España. The museum itself is the “Palacio Nacional” and is still sometimes used for official receptions when the king of Spain visits Catalonia.

5 – Camp Nou and museum of FC Barcelona. Since I love sports, I cannot leave this one out of the list. All the history of the very well-known known “Barça” is centered in this attraction. It is recommended to stop by at the Barça museum followed by a stadium tour because this gives you a complete overview.”

By far the most comfortable way to see all the museums in Barcelona (apart from the Museo Dalí) in one day would be to take the Tourist bus. This “Bus Turistic” takes you to all famous landmarks and museums. The buses depart from Plaza de Catalonia and cost almost 22 euros per adult.

Bob adds to the top 5 list of what to see: “The best tip I can give you is to explore Barcelona by yourself. Make your own way through the busy alleys of Barcelona. Gather all the information about the museums in Barcelona you want to visit and mark them on a map. You will really get the impression of being a local when you organize your own day of sightseeing. Take the metro in Barcelona. It is cheap, fast, easy and will get you about anywhere. By renting one of the many tourist apartments Barcelona offers, you will feel even more integrated in the Catalonian society.”

With these tips of local expert Bob you should be ready to go to Barcelona.