Rotterdam Marathon 2012, for all the sporting people!

Mar 28, 2012 | Barcelona Guide

The perfect time to Rotterdam to visit and stay in one of our Rotterdam apartments during the Rotterdam Marathon 2012. The official name of this marathon is the ABN AMRO Rotterdam Marathon. This is a great sportevent that you should definitely visit.

The Rotterdam Marathon is the biggest sport event that lasts one day, for many years already. The weekend that the Rotterdam Marathon 2012 is held, is going to be a great weekend to spend in Rotterdam. The weekend is not only about the marathon and athletic performances, it is a great party all across the city. The atmosphere is great, with over 900,000 spectators, the Rotterdam Marathon is one big party.

On Sunday, the 15th of April, the 32nd edition of the Rotterdam Marathon will be held. You can participate in the marathon, but there are alternatives as well. For example, there is also a 5 km walk, 10 km and a special kids’ run, student run and business run.

They need spectators as well, to complete the party. Do you want to enjoy the atmosphere in Rotterdam during the Rotterdam Marathon 2012 without participating? Come and encourage the runners and contribute to this big event. If you want to make the weekend extra special, we would like to recommend one of the Rotterdam apartments to rent. Here you can relax after a long, intense day.