Must see in Rotterdam

So.. apparently you are not curious huh? Here you can find the typical places to visit in Rotterdam!

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My recommendations of places to visit in Rotterdam..

The Euromast

euromast-rotterdam-guidepagesThis landmark which is built in 1960 is a real challenge.The real adventurers without a fear of hights can visit this 185m high Euromast which offers an unparalleled 360-degree view of Rotterdam. With an elevator you are in 30 seconds on the 100m-high observation deck. For the once which are a bit afraid to face the hights, the brasserie is good option to have a cup of coffee or something to eat. When the weather is clear, the Euromast can reach up to a view of 30 km.

Parkhaven 20, Rotterdam

The Cube Houses

kubus-rdam-guidepgaesAll since creation there are different opinions about the cube houses in the Centre of Rotterdam. Some find it beautiful buildings and others find them horrible. The now deceased Dutch architect Piet Blom was inspired by structuralism. The cube houses have three floors. You can find the properties on the old port where they are known as the ‘ so-called Blaakse forest ‘. There is here a home that you can see inside. The other cube houses in Rotterdam are in the Center at the Kolk.

De oude haven, Rotterdam

Blijdorp Zoo

Here you can see more than 700 different animal species. Blijdorp is known as one of Europe’s most beautiful and oldest zoos and was designed by architect Sybold Ravesteyn. He chose to avoid railings and fences as much as possible and replaced them with ditches and canals. So is standing face to face with the crocodiles and elephants all of a sudden going to be very exciting. All these impressions will make  you hungry. So why not eating in the “Shark room”? While the Sharks swimming around you behind the glass, you enjoy a nice meal.

Blijdorplaan 8, 3041 JG Rotterdam

The Kuip

Rotterdam_de_kuip_76978When you’re a lover of football, then you have to bring a visit to the Netherlands’s largest football stadium. When the stadium was opened in 1937, the design of Leendert van der Vugt, was seen as very innovative. Now it is for 85 percent covered thanks to a complete renovation. The football stadium has the nickname de Kuip and Feyenoord stadium is fixed. Because the tub is so great, the stadium is the place where most finals of Europe have been played. It is therefore a place of international fame!

Van Zandvlietplein 1, 3077 AA Rotterdam

The port of Rotterdam

port-rotterdam-guidepagesIf you’re in Rotterdam then a trip along the port of Rotterdam can’t be missed in your activities list. This way you will discover the different docks and yards and you too can take place, the work in the port. Rotterdam is known as one of the largest ports in the world. All import, transit and export goes through Rotterdam. The best way to observe this is via a tour on the Rotterdam rivers. Spido organises guided tours through Rotterdam. 75 minutes long takes Spido you along all points of interest. During the ride you will also fully informed with picture and sound through the DVD commentary system.
The Port of Rotterdam, Rotterdam 

Those who love to stroll should visit Delfshaven. This district was once the official seaport for the city of Delft. This district survived the war. A reconstructed 18th-century windmill overlooks the water at Voorhaven 210. One of the area’s claims to fame that it was where the Pilgrims tried leaving for America aboard the leaky Speedwell.
Defenitely a tip is to take one of the walking-tour brochures, to stroll around Delfshaven.

Delfshaven, Rotterdam

City Hall-and schouwburgplein

stadhuis_rotterdam_cityguidesCity Hall-and schouwburgplein these are the most vibrant and lively squares in the Centre of the city. The Town Hall square says it all in the name, is the square where the beautiful town hall is located. The property is not so old. It is built between 1914 and 1920. The original town hall was located at the Hoogstraat. The Town Hall square is very pleasant all year round. There are many restaurants and terraces in the summer months, its well attended. In the winter it is often possible to skate on the ice rink. The schouwburgplein is more famous for its theatres. Here are the Pathé cinema complex, the Rotterdam Theatre and concert hall De Doelen.

Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam

Fenix Food factory

Fenix FoodEverything in this vast former warehouse is made locally and sold by seperate vendors making their mark on the food scene. This market is filled with changing food trucks everyday. These vendors are trying every day to make the best Cheese, Cider, Bread, Coffee and much more.Every last Saturday of the month there is a farmers’ market, which will continue outside if the weather is sunny.
Veerlaan 19d, Rotterdam

The Koopgoot

koopgoot_rotterdam_CityguideCertainly among the inhabitants of Rotterdam is the koopgoot a very popular shopping street right in the heart of the city. The original name ‘ beurstraverse ‘ has his nickname ‘ the koopgoot ‘ due to the low lying level relative to the rest of the city. In this way, the traffic and shoppers don’t bother each other on  the busy Coolsingel. The range of shops is pretty diverse with some well known and lesser known brands alternating each other well.

Beursplein, Rotterdam


Certainly among the lovers of unusual architecture is the Wilhelmina pier the most beautiful piece of the city of Rotterdam. From here you can admire the skyline that is phenomenal. The urban and international character is here really stressed. The more than five hundred metres wilhelminakade was known as starting point to New York with the Holland-America line and nowadays it is famous for its distinctive architecture. Hotel New York served formerly as main building for the Holland America line.