Transport in Rome

How to travel when you’re in Rome. Information about the trains, trams, buses and taxis.


How to transport yourself in Rome..

  • By Metro

Rome has only two metro lines, line A and line B, and these intersect at Termini station. The metro network is managed by MetRo. The metro is a great form of transportation to visit sights outside of Rome, but within the center you’re better off with the bus and tram. The schedule of the metro runs every day from 05:30 to 23:30. There will come a new metro each 3 to 8 minutes.

The ambitious plans for the expansion of the existing metro lines and the addition of two new lines is now in full swing. The new line C will probably connect line A and B via the stations Ottaviano (A) and Colosseo (B). Preparations for a fourth line (D) have now been started.

  • By Bus

A transportation form that is seen a lot in Rome is the bus (locals call it a Trambus). The Trambus is operated by a transport company called ATAC and has up to 250 lines. Depending on the route, the Trambus drives daily between 05:30 and midnight. The different stops in the city are clearly marked and are provided with information about the lines and routes. Good to know is that when a Trambus is ‘ Express ‘ it means that this bus just stops on a few stops.

In the heart of Rome, Centro Storico, are parts of the route carried out by electric mini buses because the regular city buses are too large and polluting for the narrow streets in this town. Rome also features a tourist bus, line 110. It leaves from the Termini station and runs along the major sights. A ticket costs approx. € 16,-.

Prices of the tickets:
A one way ticket,                         €1,50
A day ticket,                                 €6,-
A three-day ticket,                      €16,50
A seven-day ticket,                     €24,-

  • By Tram

Transport company ATAC is next to Trambus also responsible for the operation of the tram transport. For a tourist visit to Rome is the tram mainly interesting if you visit the outdoor areas of Rome. An exception is tram line 8. This connects the Largo Argentina with Trastevere district and the Western urban areas.

  • By Taxi

Taxis are commonplace in Rome. To avoid problems with taxis, it is important that you always choose an official taxi. If you have hold on a taxi, then you will recognize the official taxi to the white or yellow color and the words ‘ servizio pubblico ‘ on the license plate. When the Red sign ‘ taxi ‘ on the roof is lit, they are also free. It will charge at night, on Sundays and public holidays they will have a higher rate.

If you do not succeed in holding on a cab, you can also order a taxi by phone. Do this only when you actually need the taxi because the meter begins to run from the moment when you call. Are you in the Centre of Rome, then there is usually a taxi within minutes. Always ask the wait time to avoidnasty situations.

The following taxi companies offer great service:
Cooperativa Samarcanda, Tel. + 39 (0) 6 5551
Cosmos Radio Taxi, Tel. + 39 (0) 6 8822
Società Cooperativa car stereo, Tel. + 39 (0) 63570