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Just wanted to say that the trip went good. The kids had the time of their life. At first we were scared that Madrid was way to busy to bring two kids. But it actually wasn’t so bad. The park was the hotspot of our trip but we enjoyed every second of it.


Went to Madrid with her family

As a single dad of one kid i was a little scared to go on a trip with my kid but it turned out great! Lovely apartment and really good service.


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Lisbon is possibly most effectively recognized for its colonialist past history, elaborate Manueline design and tradition of Fado music. But several of its best features are in the daily– incredible hill vistas, pleasurable year-round weather condition, pleasant individuals as well as a true “coffee shop culture.” To appreciate these things to the fullest, bring some comfy footwear as well as a pocket map of the public transportation system.

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Visiting a city as big as Madrid and managing to see and do all it has to offer is no easy task. There is so much to do. Walking along the Gran Via, watching a musical with the kids (or just by yourself),  eating the most delicious churros with the family, celebrating a local festival. The options are endless. Visit Madrid with your family and find out yourself!

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Rotterdam is a city of many faces: a hard port city, a trendy nightlife city, an innovative shopping city, and also a hip creative city. Most importantly, Rotterdam is the architecture city of Holland that stimulates development. Its sky line is constantly changing. There are lots of points to do among Rotterdam’s skyscrapers. You can take place a shopping spree, appreciate some exceptional food, and also see a variety of galleries.

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CapeTown-Family-ThemeCAPE TOWN

Everyone know the basic things of Cape Town. But what lies beyond its beautiful mountain, historical Robben Island, wine regions and most popular sights? Discover Cape Town’s unique culture, people and history through outdoor activities, restaurants and bars and museums. Eat cake with the kids at Charley’s bakery, watch a movie in old school style, look up the culture at Bay market. Cape Town will surprise you with stuff you wouldn’t expect the city to have.

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