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Me and my daughter went to Madrid for 3 days for a city trip to celebrate her birthday. I wish we could have stayed longer, because there was so much to see! Thank you Enjoy for your service, you were a big help at our stay!


Went on a city trip with her daughter

London was amazing! Even though the city was very busy, i still had the time to come to myself. The apartment i staid in was very clean and exactly how i wanted it. Thank you!


Went to London

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London city, capital of England as well as the UK, has been a leading settlement due to the fact that its own founding by Romans, 2000 years earlier. It includes four World Heritage Sites as well as many points of interest. Its big offering makes Greater London the best explored urban area in the world, along with its galleries as many popular tourist attractions.

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Rome is a city where you will find historic sights on every street corners. The beautiful old decor camouflages, however, a very young and beating heart: trendy and lively. La Dolce Vita at best. That is the contemporary Rome! Visit the Coliseum, the Spanish steps or the famous Trevi Fountain, and then in the evening in the cosy and charming Trastevere district a cafe visit or eat.

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Barcelona is one big open-air museum with narrow historic streets and many impressive and colorful Gaudí-buildings. Park Güell is an attraction by itself but also the picturesque Gothic quarter (Barrio Gotico) with the imposing Gothic Cathedral is very special. The highlight and the pride of the town is the beautifully lit in the evening Sagrada Familia.

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Actually, Istanbul is one major point of interest. The cityscape in the old part of the city is determined by the Topkapi Palace Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, while the newer part Taksim is again in a very different way worth it. Also visit the Asian part of the city and the Beylerbeyi palace belongs to the ingredients of a successful Istanbul city trip. The city has a total of more than five hundred museums, churches, mosques and palaces. The fact that in Istanbul East and West meet, makes the city a fascinating destination.

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The Metropolis, Gran ViaMADRID

Madrid is a city that is characterized by its versatility. Such as the famous Prado museum with its magnificent paintings collection, the Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor. In the numerous small narrow, winding streets and large squares you will find the unique architecture with the arcade arches. Madrid has a lot to offer and is a city where you can spend days to explore all the sights.

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