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I’m very positive about the short stay rental I staid at. It was clean and a very nice room for a trip were you just have to go back and forward.


Went on a business trip to Rotterdam

Who knew Istanbul could be so businesslike? I was very pleased with my room. It was not to small or to big and it was really central. Thank you Enjoy Apartments for the nice stay.


Went to Istanbul for a business trip

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The capital has a strong credibility and reputation for showing visitors a good time. The food is inexpensive and delicious and the night life sticks around right into the early dawn hours.  This unique metropolitan area possesses an eclectic mix of company at its primary, coming from banking to textiles. Old world funds and a growing traveler economic climate have actually helped the metropolitan area retain its prosperous expectation, also while the remainder of the country has actually survived economic crisis.

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More central then the vibrant hart of Rotterdam is not possible!

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Istanbul is becoming a regional giant for trade and for tourism. It’s currently the Fifth most seen city around the world– obtaining even more site visitors than New York.Istanbul sits in both Europe and also Asia, divided by the Bosphorus Strait, and its area indicates that it was as well as stays a strategically important profession centre. The variety of huge ships tied offshore in the Sea of Marmara is evidence of its continuing trading strength.

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One of the strongest regions and cities on the planet is London. It’s highly attractive, and it offers one of the best prospects for business development and innovative thinking.

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Diverse, vibrant, practical, Barcelona is one of those cities that consistently makes business tourists smile when they discover they have an assignment there. Barcelona has been giving the capital, Madrid, a run for its money when it comes to drawing in international trade and conferences.

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