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Upcoming events untill february 2017


SIGNAL festival

The SIGNAL festival is the largest cultural event in the Czech Republic, bringing modern art and new technology to the wider and technical public. The streets and public spaces of Prague everywhere you can see the lights. The most famous historical landmarks, and even a few lesser-known nooks and crannies will be transformed for four nights under the leadership of Czech and global personalities in light art and design.

13-10-2016 till 16-10-2016

  • SIGNAL info point náměstí Mírulicht
  • SIGNAL info point Klárov
  • SIGNAL info point náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad
  • SIGNAL info point inside the Palladium Shopping Centre
  • SIGNAL info point Kampa (from 6 pm)
  • SIGNAL info point Karlovo náměstí (from 6 pm)
  • SIGNAL info point in front of Michna Palace (Kampa) (from 6 pm)


Mikulas, has an busy day on september 5th. He is not alone he has an angel13346-61017-1511142338-1280px-Mikulas_a_cert_v_Praze_5and devils by his side. Are you on december 5th in Prague visit around 3pm the old city square. Mikulas ask the kids if there were sweet the whole year and give them candy.

5-12-2016 Old city square


As midnight approaches, crowds gather in several areas of the city to vuurwerk
watch fireworks. These are launched by various organisations and individuals,
many by Czech revellers themselves! Its a amazing experience to enjoy Prague with New Year.

31-12-2016 till 01-01-2017

Main Squares

Come and party in the streets of Prague for the bohemian
Carnival festival, which takes place every year in Prague.  The main objective
of the Bohemian Carnevale is to revive the spirit of traditional medieval
carnivals which were celebrated both in the streets and in noble palaces.
Each year in February, the harshness of winter is forgotten as the warmth
and colour of the carnival take over.carnival

18-02-2017 till 28-02-2017 

Old Town City Hall through the downtown area

St. Matthews Fair is the very first spring fair in Europe. The tradition of the fair has been archived in the Czech National Library since all the way back in 1595. Just like every year visitors this year wont miss out on the popular roller coaster, adrenaline attractions from home and abroad, a 35 meter high Ferris wheel, or a shooting gallery. Besides these exciting attractions, you will also find plenty of food stands with refreshments, oriental sweets as well as toys.

You can visit the fair on weekdays from Tuesday to Friday between 2pm and 9pm, on weekends and public holidays it is open from 10 am to 10 pm.reuzeee

26-02-2017 till 07-03-2017

Výstavište 67, Prague 7