No better family destination than Barcelona!

Apr 28, 2012 | Barcelona Guide

The family vacations are one of our fondest memories we have. These vacations we will always remember. Water parks, kid’s clubs, playgrounds, etc. you name it are typically activities for a family vacation.

Child friendly beaches, a calm sea, restaurants and fun activities for kids is a summary for a successful holiday with your children. Barcelona has this all! This place is a top destination for a family vacation in Europe. Barcelona is located on the coast Costa Brava. This coast is well known of the Mediterranean climate, pleasant temperatures and warm waters during the summer months. But Barcelona is so much more than only a beautiful coast city.

An accommodation in Barcelona is easy to find for families or groups. Barcelona apartment offer you self-catering apartments for a reasonable price. There are a lot of apartments that have special for the children a terrace, garden, swimming pool or a balcony. You haven’t obligations for apartments in terms of food, service, etc.

For children, but also for adults of course, is Barcelona one big amusement park! We recommend you six things to do in Barcelona. There are much more activities to do but these six are definitely worth to visit with children during your trip to Barcelona!

–          1) Tibidabo amusement park

The Tibidabo is a mountain with an amazing view over the city of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. You can also do a picnic and go to the amusement park Tibidabo. This 100 year old amusement park is one of the oldest parks in the world. This magical place has 25 rides, fantastic shows and street theatre.

–          2) Ramblas street performers

Las Ramblas is the most famous street approximately 1.2 kilometres long. You can walk through it in the morning, afternoon or evening. This because there is 24/7 something to do, to see and to discover. You will find restaurants, café’s, clothes shops, supermarkets and many more along the street Las Ramblas. I know for sure that your children are impressed by the street performers. The most of them are human statues, but there are also musicians, dancers and magicians.

–          3) Montjuic’s Magic Fountain

This Magic fountain is located by the square Plaza Espanya and delivers an unforgettable show of color water acrobatics. They also play some classic music during the show. This fountain show is a must when you are visiting Barcelona. Your kids will hardly believe their eyes.

–          4) Montserrat Tour

Do you want to go the nature with your family for just one day? The Montserrat Tour is perfect for you! Enjoy Barcelona offer you a bus-tour to the mountain Monserrat.

–          5) Zoo in Barcelona

A zoo is always fun to visit with children of course. But this Zoo in Barcelona is special. Do you know why? You can spend here a whole day because there are more than 4000 animals, dolphin shows, children’s workshops and a farm.

–          6) Aquarium

One of the best things to do with your children in Barcelona is to visit the aquarium. Children can play, discover and explore in the aquarium while they learning about Mediterranean ocean life.

Barcelona is the newest place to be for a family vacation in Europe! Everything you need for a relax, good, and organized vacation, you will find in Barcelona. Make sure that you have a one of our Barcelona apartments for your well- deserve rest during your trip. For more tips and recommendations have a look at the family guide.

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