Must see in Aruba

So.. apparently you are curious huh? Here you can find the local places to visit in Aruba!

”Have fun!” – Yvonne Enjoy Apartments Aruba

My recommendations of local places to visit in Aruba..

Arikok National Park


arikok-aruba-guideDid you know that 20% of Aruba consists of National Parks? Arikok is nice to tour. You can rent a jeep to explore the park. If you like cacti then you can retrieve your heart here. They are everywhere! It sometimes looks like Arizona! Must sees in Arikok are Dos Playos and the caves. Dos Playos is a beautiful beach in between the rocks. Huge high waves and as much peace and quiet. Gorgeous! Also very beautiful are the caves. There you can spot ancient wall paintings and names of people who used to visit the caves. In 18th century curly letters and some even from 1820!

Santa Cruz, Aruba

Bird spotting

banaquit-aruba-guideAruba has more than 236 bird species, a well-known bird is also called the Bananaquit Chibi Chibi. An afternoon of bird watching is great fun, including at the Tierra del sol salt lakes and the Bubali Wetlands.

Tierra del sol, Aruba

Aruba Ostrich Farm

ostrich-farm-arubaDespite that the ostrich originally comes from Africa, is Aruba’s rugged landscape a perfect House for this integrative animal. The Aruba Ostrich Farm invites you to come and get acquainted with the 80 torque of the largest living species in the world.

Matividiri 57, Paradera, Aruba

Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard

lloyd-aruba-guideLloyd g. Smith Boulevard is a fun and alive street to walk. Shops, stalls along the coast, eateries, bars, shopping centers and casinos you will all find here. On the other hand you can see the large cruise ships coming in.

Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard, Aruba