Transport in Milan

How to travel when you’re in Milan. Information about the trains, trams, buses and taxis.


How to transport yourself in Milan..

  • By Metro

This is by far the best way to travel in Milan. However, you have to realize what the metro lines and corresponding directions are. You are probably going to experience that you will go to the wrong metro. This is mainly caused by the lack of signs and if they are there then of course only in Italian. Just laugh about it and take the metro back at the next station. The metro in Milan has 3 lines referred to in numbers and colors of red M1, green M2 and yellow M3.

Metro tickets can be purchased at kiosks at subway and train stations and at the many tobacco shops in the city. These tickets cost €1 or €9.40 for a carnet (10 rides). You can also buy tickets for several days which are also valid for the bus and tram.

Please note that at the major stations there are many beggars that offer you to help with the vending machines. Watch your stuff very good while they ask you for their help!!

  • By tram

Milan has a network of trams. It gives the city not only a particular character but the tram is also easy to quickly movw in Milan. In addition, you can see anything of the city.

Tickets for the Tram can be bought from newspapers and tobacco kiosks on the street and cost 1 euro or 9.40 euros for a carnet (10 rides). Stamp a card in the dispenser in the tram. Multiple day cards are valid for tram, bus and metro.

  • By Bus

Although Milan is using city buses, traveling by tram and metro is much faster and easier. The bus connections are less clear, and the tram and metro are simply way faster and easier.

  • By Taxi

You can find the taxis of Milan at special Taxi stands.  Travelling by taxi is one of the more expensive modes of transport. Please be advised that you cannot just stop a taxi on the street. Taxis stop only at the special pitches.