Must see in Marbella

So.. apparently you are curious huh? Here you can find the local places to visit in Marbella!

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My recommendations of local places to visit in Marbella..

Plaza de Toros
Plaza_de_toros_malaga-local-thingsThere are bullfights each day in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol from May till the end of the summer. But you do have a group (however it’s in the minority) which it as part of a Spanish tradition, culture and art. The largest group of Spaniards and many foreigners don’t like it. The largest group of Spaniards and also several foreigners don’t like it. They not really appreciate this terrible custom.



Garnacha-marbellaGarnacha is a small charming restaurant in Marbella. The wine list is excellent, and you can taste a wide variety of meat dishes. The chestnut cake with rum cream is one of the most prominent pastry specialties. A simple space with capacity for a few people, so you can have intimacy while you give a treat to your palate.


ROMAN VILLA – San Pedro-marbellaIn the Roman Villa you will find a series of mosaics made of cubic stones mostly with two colors, white and black. Within the limitations that entailed the exclusive use of the dichromia, the realism is quite accomplished and will surprise you.

El Cordobes

EL-CORDOBÉS-marbellaNeedless to say that Marbella has hundreds of tapas bars, however if you want to try a genuine one, affordable and also providing high quality food, the place to go is El Cordobes, where Marbella’s mingle with tourists. Try the place’s potato salad, pickled anchovies, sardines or prawns, always come with by a revitalizing cool beer. It will be a delicious experience!


cabopino-marbellaCabopino is  what Costa del Sol was like in its purest form, with pristine dunes that plunge into the sea, a frequent place for nudist, exceptionally clean water, long sandy beaches and al lot facilities for the whole family.


Finca Cortesin, 6+5+3

Marbella has some of the best golf courses in the world. As almost all of you know, all the area in Costa del Sol is also known as the Costa del Golf. Exclusive services and good weather all year round makes this destination ideal for any sport.