Must see in Malaga

So.. apparently you are not curious huh? Here you can find the typical places to visit in Malaga!

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My recommendations of places to visit in Malaga..

Picasso´s Home and Birthplace

Pablo-Picasso-BirthplaceThe Museum- Birth place of Pablo Ruiz Picasso, is one of the 3 galleries committed to this painter in Malaga, all with references by historians to the artist. Amongst the treasures of this museum you can see a large lithography collection, as well as illustrations of substantial artworks by the artist referred to as the “Demoiselles d’Avignon” of 1907.

Plaza de la Merced, Malaga

Malaga Cathedral


The cathedral of the Encarnación is among the town’s essential monuments. The south tower and also the main facade are still unfinished. It is situated in the historical centre of the town. The building sits where a mosque-Moorish quarter once already existed. Work began in the first half of the 16th century, in the Gothic design, bought by the Catholic Monarchs, as well as proceeded in the 17th as well as 18th centuries. It has its own gardens and a stunning courtyard. The inside of the cathedral has Renaissance and also Baroque influences.

Calle Molina Lario, 9, 29015 Málaga

Teatro Romano

teatro-romano-malagaMalaga Roman theater lies at the foot of the Alcazaba fortress in the western part of the city. It was discovered in 1951, after having continued to be buried underground for many centuries. Dating back to the initial century, it was developed during the Realm of Augustus. It was used up till the third century.

Calle Alcazabilla, s/n, 29005 Málaga

Alcazaba Fortress

Alcazaba-malaga-guideThis Arab palace-fortress was constructed in the 11th century by King Badis of Granada. It is completely adjusted to the contours of the land, and also takes maximum benefit of the elevation of a hillside. It is made of 2 concentric areas: the outdoor part (on the lower level) and the inner part houses the palace.

Calle Alcazabilla, 2, 29012 Málaga

The Gardens of Green Malaga


In Malaga you will see a city packed with green squares that are ideal for walking as well as enjoying the sunlight. The largest square is the 23-hectare La Concepción Historical-Botanical Gardens, situated on the outskirts, which flaunt a wealth of subtropical plants. As you walk thru the yards, it will occasionally feel like you’re in the middle of the jungle.

Camino del Jardín Botánico, 3, 29014 Málaga

Castillo de Gibralfaro

kasteel-malaga-guideThis Castle was built in the 14th century to house soldiers and safeguard the Alcazaba, is one of the most checked out monuments in Málaga. When standing on the walls, visitors get stunning sights of the city. Also you can visit the Interpretation Centre to learn about the history of Malaga.

Camino de Gibralfaro, s/n, 29016 Málaga

Carmen Thyssen Museum

museum-malaga-guideThe museum is located in an attractive, sunlit building in the city center, and it houses a beautiful compilation of mostly 19th century Spanish fine art. It is all sweeping landscapes and enchanting sea sights, therefore lots of pieces are showing standard Andalusian life.

Calle Compañía, 10, 29008 Málaga

La Malagueta


La Malagueta is definitely the best (and most safe) choice. As soon as the summer season hits, the beaches will get extremely crowded, particularly on the weekend breaks. When school finishes in June, it resembles a beach of umbrellas. The water will change every day. In some cases it’s calm and clear. Various other days it’s wild and dark blue.

La Malagueta, Malaga

Mercado de Atarazanas

market-malaga-guideThe covered market is one of the most famous sights of Málaga. Here you can see and taste the taste of Málaga. Mercado de Atarazanas is a clean fresh market with vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese, nuts and fish. There are also a few small bars where you can eat tapas.

Calle Atarazanas, 10, 29005 Málaga

Plaza de la Merced


Pablo Picasso spended his younger years here. The image of the artist, obscene for his birthplace, acts like a magnet for Plaza de la Merced. But besides the Statue, the square is still very beautiful. Starting from one of the many terraces you can see everything what will pass by. Our favorite square for a drink in the Sun!

La Plaza de la Merced, 25, 29012 Málaga