Must see in Málaga

So.. apparently you are curious huh? Here you can find the local places to visit in Málaga !

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My recommendations of local places to visit in Málaga..

Bodega El Pimpi

BodegaElPimpi-malaga-guideYou must go to Bodega El Pimpi, an icon of Málaga’s social and also cultural life. The 18th century building is enhanced in a Spanish design with red and white dots. On the walls photographs of intellectuals, musicians, international singers and many football players. All them saw Bodega El Pimpi as well as left their signature on the wine barrels. The custom is kept alive, the new generation of Spanish artists still go there for social meets as well as flamenco nights.

TIP: try the Sweet Wine produced in Málaga!


Calle Granada 62, Málaga




Seafood BBQ

SeafoodBBQ-malaga-guidethe beaches in Málaga are impressive. Not just for sunbathing or swimming, but for eating also! One of the largest seaside destination are the smoked sardines. Walking the beach promenade you’ll take a look at huge amounts of dining establishments actually on the sand serving outstanding fish and shellfish.


Beach, Málaga 

The Palm Grove of Surprises
ThePalmGroveofSurprises-malaga-guideMalaga has a new recreation and leisure area within the port which has been called The Palm Grove of Surprises and whose works have been postponed regarding four years up until the launch in 2011. This area of 20,000 square meters is located in the boat dock 2 of the port (where initially where positioned old silos), and has actually been converted into an environment-friendly area with practically 400 palm trees that give their name to this place, playground with swings for the children and a place to relax.



The Palm Grove of Surprise, Málaga

Paseo de España

PaseoDeEspaña-malaga-guideThe palm tree park lays between the old town and the new port. Produced in 1890´s the park is renowned for its exotic plants and also the songs shows that occur in every Sunday on lunch time. This is a free thing to do in Málaga. Go there and have a good time with the locals!


Paseo de España, Málaga


Salamanca Market

SalamancaMarket-malaga-guideThis market hall is located in the central-north of the resources, in the neighborhood of “La Cruz del Molinillo”, because of which it is also popular known as the Molinillo Market. For the unique architecture, one of the few neo-Arabian style buildings in Malaga (dating from 1920), this really is one of these lovely sites worth seeing. A little market, from the neighborhood, without any greater than 40 tiny typical stores, mainly fish booth.


Calle Molina Lario 9, Malaga

Plaza de Toros La Malagueta

PlazadeTorosLaMalagueta-malaga-guideThe Málaga Bullring lies behind the beach of Malagueta in the same area. Plaza de Toros La Malagueta suits around 14000 viewers. Joaquín Rucoba is the designer of this structure. The Bullring was opened in 1876.


Plaza de Toros La Malagueta, Málaga