Transport in Madrid

How to travel when you’re in Madrid. Information about the trains, trams, buses and taxis.


How to transport yourself in Madrid..

  • By Bus

Madrid has an extensive network of buses. Compared to taking the metro it takes a little bit more effort to find out exactly how the buses drive, but you stay above the ground and, of course, you will see more of the city.

On each bus is always the starting and the end point of the line; all intermediate stops pointed out at the bus stop. You use the same card as the metro, provided you are within the Centre zone. A sencillo is also for sale at the driver, but you need to pay as appropriate as possible.

When boarding, stamp your ticket in the stamping machine, even if you have bought the ticket from the driver. Buses run generally from 6:00-11:30 pm. after that there are night buses.

Night Buses
From 11:30 till 6:00 am in the morning there are driving night buses in Madrid. All night buses leave from Plaza Cibeles, where they fan out in different directions from Madrid.

You can see the 27 routes, which are different from the routes during the day, in the bus shelters. Prices and tickets are the same as during the day.


  • By metro

Madrid has an extensive underground network and the metro is the easiest way to get you to move in the Centre, but also to be able to travel from the airport to the city centre.

The metro of Madrid has 13 lines (number 1 to 12 and one with the letter R) and with these lines to get to anywhere in Madrid and beyond. The metro runs daily from 6:00-02:00 ranging from every 3 minutes (rush hour) to every 9 minutes (weekends).

A single ticket is called a sencillo and costs, within the Centre zone € 1.50 for 1 to 5 stops. Each stop thereafter costs € 0.10 to a maximum of € 2. A single ticket for the entire Metro network is called a combinado and costs € 3. Are you using two or more persons and/or plan to more often by metro and bus to travel, buy a 10 viajes Metrobus (a 10-ride ticket, which is also in the bus is valid).

The 10-ride ticket costs € 12,20 and is not personally identifiable, it can be so for several people stamping (1 person at a time). Save your ticket after the stamping in the subway, because you have the need to check out again. Children up to 4 years old travel free on public transport.

Unlimited travel on public transport in Madrid with a abono turístico, this costs € 8 for one day within the Centre, € 13.40 for 2 and € 17.40 for 3 days, but is also for 5 and 7 day sale. The abono is personal and can be asked to present a photo ID.

  • By Bike

They were already shining for a while under the Madrid Sun, but until recently only to residents of Madrid. Now the white ov-cycling of Madrid is available to rent per day for anyone who has a credit card (or Spanish bank card).

To rent a bike, simply sign in via the totems/terminal at the bicycle parking. Choose the number of days that you want to use the bicycles (1,3 or 5) and follow the steps on the totem/terminal. All you need is a credit card (or if you have a Spanish bank card). If deposit is 150 euro on your card is blocked. After that you get a ticket that allows you to rent during the chosen period of cycling. You can during this time as many times as you would a bicycle pick up and return.

The prices per hour and the first hour (or part thereof) costs 2 euros and every next hour (or part thereof) 4 euros per hour. Increases or reductions of € 0.10 will be charged for bringing back a cycle at a full or empty storage room.

You can find the bicycles on very many places in Madrid and the row of white bicycles is hard to miss.

  • By Hop on Hop of Bus

Would you like to spend a lot of sight seeing in a short space of time in the beautiful Madrid? Then the Hop-on Hop-off bus is an easy and comfortable way to Discover Madrid.

The recognizable red buses drive different kind of routes all day through the city along virtually all places of interest in Madrid. With a day ticket you can hop in as many times as you want and then get off at the various stops. Walk in between, is also no problem. Of course you can also just sit there and listen to the audio guide and enjoy views of the streets and monuments where you comes along. Try, when the weather is good, a spot on the roof of the bus.

There are two bus routes and with a card you can make use of both routes. The cards are valid all day.