Luggage storage Barcelona: All you need to know.

May 16, 2011 | Barcelona Guide

Several guests of Enjoy Barcelona have recently asked us about luggage storage in Barcelona to use before or after their Barcelona apartments rental.

Staying at an apartment while in Barcelona is much more comfortable than a hotel and gives you a real sense of city life here. You can check in to our apartments any time after 3 pm and check out is always 11 am at the latest. This does mean at times that you need to organize your luggage before or after your Barcelona apartments rental. If you arrive early in the day or are leaving late at night, you’ll want to make use of a luggage storage Barcelona service so you can spend the day soaking up more of this great city.

To help out our guests and any travellers looking for the latest information, we’ve now created a series of luggage storage Barcelona information pages right here. These pages include details about Barcelona airport lockers, what to do if your luggage is delayed or lost, and where all the luggage locker Barcelona services are located.

We also came across a great new online service if you have had your digital camera stolen. You can now enter the serial number of your stolen or lost camera into and it will look for any recent photos that have been uploaded to the web using your camera. If you haven’t got your serial number, you can drag photos you took with your camera onto the site’s page and it will work out your serial number from your photographs. Of course, to find your camera, someone would have to upload photos they took, but it is an additional option to try. Being able to give you the serial number of your camera can be a help with your insurance claim, and this is one way you can get the number even if you did not record it beforehand.

Sorting out your luggage should be an easy part of your weekend away in one of our Barcelona apartments. But don’t forget to collect your luggage when you leave! We found some bizarre stories of things left in luggage lockers while preparing our information on luggage locker Barcelona services. Here’s some of the more bizarre items that had been left behind in one place or another (but luckily not in Barcelona airport lockers):

  • An urn with ashes
  • A full body skeleton as used in medical training (this was found by artist Robert Francois who has since used it to make a series of antiwar art pieces)
  • A Mendi Bible given to 6th President of the USA, John Quincy Adams, by freed African slaves
  • An elephant foot stool
  • A large box filled with smaller boxes
  • Two paintball guns.

We hope you’ll check out our new luggage storage Barcelona information pages. Let us know if there is any further information you need to make the most of your stay at our Barcelona apartments – and remember to take your luggage home with you!