Transport in Lisbon

How to travel when you’re in Lisbon. Information about the trains, trams, buses and taxis!


How to transport yourself in Lisbon..

  • By Tram

The network of the tram in Lisbon is particularly extensive. Tram 28 has become tourist attraction number 1. Always full, but there’s nothing that stops the tram driver from closing the door: it can always even fuller. In an hour and a half you’ve been around the whole city, but sometimes the ride takes a little bit longer. There is always the possibility of a car or truck on the tram rails. And really fast is this elderly crackling lady no more.

Going up with a elevadore up is very common in Lisbon. A ride with an elevadore is the same price as a ride with a tram. The elevadore is a type of tram where you can jump in and out. Particularly pleasant for the steeper parts.

Lisboa Card
For tourists, the town offers a pass that allows you without further charge to make use of public transport and the cable cars (elevadores). The card also provides nice discounts on various museums. The card is available at all offices for tourist information.

  • By metro

In each metro station you can buy a (multi-day) card that is valid for both metro and tram. In the tram, you can also buy a ticket (one way). The Lisbon metro is modern and efficient. There are three lines, the blue, red and green. Many of the stations are decorated with modern art, such as the metro station at the end of the red line (Oriente). Here you’ll find wall paintings of Hundertwasser, Austrian artist and architect.

  • By Taxi

Taxis are not expensive in Lisbon and particularly attractive given all the hills. The basic rate without luggage is € 2.80. For an average ride from a to b in the Center you will never pay more than 5 euros. The taxis are beige and you can call them on the street. A green light means that the taxi is free.