La Mercè 2017

A little history..

La Mercè is an official public holiday in Barcelona (Catalonia). The festival is held in honor of the patron saint la Mercè (the Virgin of Mercy). It is the largest event in Barcelona. The official date is on 24 September, but there will also take events place the week before and after 24 September.  When the national day falls in the weekend, most people will take an extra day of two of work and take a long weekend. Because Barcelona is a part of Catalonia and not Spain, La Mercè is a great occasion to see more of the Catalan culture. It is a giant free festival in the center of Barcelona. There are many activities and events going on in the streets.

Here a list of the nice events you can’t miss!


– Toc d’inci’

This is the start of the festival. They are showing the typical dances of the giants and the beasts while celebrating the start of la mercè.

When and where: Friday 22nd (19:45) at Plaça de Sant Jaume



– Castellers – The human towers

The human towers (the builders), want to be high as possible. It will be a real performance at the Plaça de Sant Jaume in the gothic quarter.

When and where: Wednesday and Saturday 23rd (12:00) at Plaça Sants  Jaumes. (Guest ‘’castellers’’day)

                                 Sunday 24th at Plaça sant Jaume. (local ‘’castellers’’ day)



– Gigantes – The giant parade

You can find giant figures and queens en kings on the streets. The giant dance in the park and also plays some music. It’s more extensive than the start (Toc d’inci).

When and where: Sunday 24th (18:00) from Carrer Pelai to Plaça Sant Jaume.



– Beast and dragon parade

The difference with this parade and the correfoc is that the dragons at the Correfoc spit fire and there are a lot of fireworks. At the beast and dragon parade, it’s quieter and less busy.

 When and where: Friday 22nd from 21:30 to 22:15 at Plaça Sant Jaume.


– Correfoc – The procession of the fire-breathing dragons

At this event, you can see fire-breathing dragons, devils, bangers, beasts and lots of fire. It’s basically a fire run. Before the main Carrefoc begins, there is a more harmless version special for children.

 When and where: Saturday 23rd (20:30h) at Via Laietana. (Adults)

                                 Saturday 23rd (18:30h) at Via Laietana (Children)



– Fireworks and lightshows

On the beach of Barcelona (Barceloneta beach) there will be a firework show at 22:00h. When the festival comes to an end, it closes with a magic fountain of Montjüic with music and fireworks exploding.

When and where: Monday 25th (22:00) Pirmosucial at Av. Reina Marina Cristina (closing act)

                                 Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th (22:00)



Enjoy the best of your trip!