The festival has it´s roots back in the locust invasion of 1687. The festival however, first took place in 1902. It was, and still is meant to bid the summer goodbye, and welcome the far much cooler autumn in style. Paying homage to Barcelona’s patron saint, La Merce, over the years, has grown to be the largest and best attended party in Barcelona. The festival lasts for 5 days. The activities are pretty similar each year, but the invited guest city, is welcome to present  their own unique activities.




There are various highlights of the La Merce Festival 2013 Barcelona festival that you cannot afford to miss. The total number of free activities are about 600, so be sure there is an activity available to suit everyone’s liking. The first one is the fireworks session. The Devils, community groups dressed up as devils, usually spray fireworks into the crowd, so it is advisable to have protective clothing at hand. However, there is a far tamer fireworks session for the kids, followed by the wilder adult version.

The second primary event is the human tower, referred to as the castells. The tower is quite a sight to behold, with the participants aiming for breath-taking tower heights. A small trained child then attempts to climb to the tower’s apex. This highlight attracts thousands of people, so ensure that you get there early enough

Another La Merce Festival 2013 Barcelona festival highlight is the Giants’ parade. The giants, in form of effigies of queens, kings and royals of the Catalans autocracy, make their way through the crowded streets, towering far higher than everyone around for easy spotting. They are accompanied by various percussion groups.

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