During the last days of September usually suggests one thing all those that live of Spain’s buzzing capital, namely the highly anticipated La Merce Barcelona Festival 2010.

The Barcelona La Merce Festival is Spains biggest and consists of drinking, music and partying. the festival will be on between September 23rd and will run up until the 26th. The Barcelona La Merce Festival 2010 the streets grow become full of food vendors dishing out typical Catalan cuisine as live bands, marching shows, fireworks and amusement for kids and adults.

Le Merce Festival which is been tributed to of the patron saint la Mercè (the Virgin of Mercy) will will include a number of air shows, suited nicely for kids as well as a 10km fun run with money going to charity.

Most Barcelonese people will all agree the La Merce festival is not just the biggest but also the most colourful out of all the events out of all the events of the year. The climax of La Merce Festival 2010 takes place on the 24th September, however there is a number of different things happening both before and after that date. During the course of the festivities spectators can expect to see over 500 different events take place.

Some of the most famous events which will be happening the La Merce Festival include the Castellers – Human Towers. Without fail the affair always to attract hundreds of people as everyone gathers round to watch the human towers form. Performances will take place at the Plaça de Sant Jaume in the Gothic Quarter.

A different draw to the festival that features at the Barcelona La Merce Festival 2010 is the Correfoc. Some people call it the the march of dragons that breathe out fire. Every year this show is held on the Via Laietana (Metro: L4, Jaume I.) during the evening and consists of a band of fire breathing dragons along with by a string of other monsters and demons. There is also more harmless Carrefoc fun for children which happens just before the start of the main Carrefoc event.

The Gigantes which is a giant parade of queens and kings, nobles and saints that all form to take to the streets of Barcelona. The acts all have drums and flutes, exhibiting great performances for for the whole family.

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