Must see in Istanbul

So.. apparently you are curious huh? Here you can find the local places to visit in Istanbul!

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My recommendations of local places to visit in Istanbul..



Istanbul is a massive city which ensures that the choice in nice neighborhoods is enormous. Bypass the entire known and discover other areas with their own, authentic character. The District of the Aya Sofya and Blue Mosque in the district of Fatih, is where you will find quiet, cobbled streets with old wooden houses and the remains of the old city walls. Keep an eye on the Turkish calendar, certain holidays make for spectacular parties and special celebrations by the community.

Fatih, Istanbul


beyoglu-istanbul-guideOn the other side of the water in Beyoglu, tourists come together to the picturesque Galata Tower to climb. If you’re in Karakoy ends up from Eminönü, create not only a straight line to get to the Istiklal Street and Taksim Square. Dive into the side streets and escape the tourist crowds – here you’ll find hip streets with art and local designers who sell their products in creative boutiques.

Beyoglu, Istanbul


besiktas-istanbulFor a real local area you go to Besiktas, not far from Taksim Square. Around the large Ottoman building Dolmabahçe Palace is a pressure not named as such. It looks at first sight may not be as exciting. You look a bit better around and take the atmosphere in your on, especially in the streets with restaurants, then you get a good feeling when the sense of community and subcutaneous, sparkling energy in Turkey is brewing and thrives.

Besiktas, Istanbul

Eat different things then baklava and kebab

Forget the kebab (kepab) and dessert heaven that baklava is called, because they are always in the spotlight. Don’t miss breakfast, more extensive and filling than a savory lunch. The Turkish kahvaltı with phenomenal spread, home made jam and honey, an assortment of cheeses, sauces, salads, egg dishes, borek and of course chai or Turkish coffee.

For a street food like local delicacy, you go to The Galata Bridge area to taste the infamous Balak, a fish sandwich Ekmek. Believe me: this is many times better than it sounds and a Istanbul classic.

Experience the Asian district

kadikoy-istanbul-guideNot many people go to the Asian side of Istanbul or just stay there sometimes for a couple of hours. If you take the ferry to Kadikoy from Karakoy (near Galata) or Eminönö (near Sultanahmet) then you come in a very different world. Here you will find streets filled with tasty restaurants, fish markets and street artists. next to the with cafes, boutiques and artists filled Moda and a beautiful waterfront park and promenade and the oh so beautiful Haydarpasa train station.

Kadikoy, Istanbul

Experience a traditional Turkish bath

hammam-istanbul-guideThe experience to be suffused with bubbles and a hefty scrub by half-naked specialists will not soon be forgotten in your memory. The beautiful, historic hammams are still in business. The older and further away from the tourist path, the more unique the experience. There are the popular Cagaloglu and Cemberlitas baths in the city centre but you will also pay more when you go there. Ask a local for recommendations, watch out for the more obscure and go to the Asian side for smaller and less busy options.