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Just some general information about Istanbul that is handy to know!

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General information about Istanbul 

Payment:                                                                   By Turkish Lira (TL)
Country code (phone):                                            +90 (0090)

Typical of Istanbul (and Turkey)
– Turkish Tea
– Shoes out before walking in a house
– Eating rich three times a day
– The blue eye
– Hamam
– Baklava
– Nargile (shisha)



ATM services in Istanbul

In Turkey the pay with the Turkish Lira (TL), which is available in notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200. Most stores and restaurants accept credit cards, make sure to indicate this state well on or in the shop/restaurant. (with a sticker on the window). ATMs are almost everywhere to find and often have an option so that the instructions are in English. At some ATMs you can also withdraw Euros. Please note! The pingrens per day per debit card is usually 1000 or 1100 Turkish Lira so ca. € 450.-per day.

Mosques in Istanbul 

Would you like to visit the Blue Mosque or one of the many other mosques in Istanbul? Respect the following wishes before you enter a mosque.

The mosques are open to the public during the day. praying session, called ‘ Namaz ‘, last 30 to 40 minutes and are held 5 times a day. It is not recommended to visit a mosque on Friday afternoon and the Blue Mosque before the afternoon. Friday is the holiest day and the Friday afternoon prayer is led by an Imam. Wear appropriate clothing if you want to visit a mosque. Women should not enter a mosque with bare arms, legs and shoulders . Also they should wear a scarf over their heads to cover their hair and bare shoulders. Men shouldn’t go in shorts.

Before you enter the mosque, take off your shoes. Usually you can find bags to put your shoes in at the major mosques Some mosques are closed for people that are not Islamic during the prayer hours (including the Blue Mosque).

Public holidays of Turkey
Most shops and banks are closed on public holidays. The public holidays of Turkey are:

Date Holiday
01.01.xxxx           New Year’s Day
03.01.xxxx Id-ul-Maulid (birthday Mohammed
23.04.xxxx Çocuk Bayram
23.04.xxxx Regaib Kandili
16.05.xxxx Lailat-ul-Meraj
24.05.xxxx Birthday Eid-Milad Nnabi
Depends on the year Ramadan
Depends on the year Ramazan Bayramı (sugar feast)
30.08.xxxx   Zafer Bayramı (victory day)
06.10.xxxx   İstanbul’un Kurtuluşu (liberation of Istanbul)
28.10.xxxx Cumhuriyet Bayramı Arifesi (republic day eve)
 29.10.xxxx Cumhuriyet Bayramı (republic day)

How late do the stores open and close

Shops and bazaars in Istanbul are usually open from Monday to Sunday from 09:30 to 22:00. The large chain stores, shopping centres and shops around the main streets are, however, open 7 days a week 10:00-22:00.
Hagia Sophia Museum is closed on Mondays Dolmabahçe Palace Museum is closed on Mondays and Thursdays.
Topkapi Palace Museum and Harem is closed on Tuesday Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays, spice bazaar (Egyptian Bazaar), Arasta Bazaar, Basilica Cistern museum are open 7 days a week