Transport in Ibiza

How to travel when you’re in Ibiza. Information about the trains, trams, buses and taxis.


How to transport yourself in Ibiza..

  • By Taxi

Taxis are a popular way of transport in Ibiza. The taxis are equipped with a meter. You have to pay a surcharge in the evening and when you want to go to the airport. When the lamp in or on the taxi is green, it means that the taxi is free and you can continue. In most places you will also find a taxi rank where you can call for a taxi.

A few taxi phone numbers are:
Ibiza town-phone + 34 971 39 84 83
Taxi San Jose-phone + 34 971 80 00 80
San Antonio Taxi-phone + 34 971 34 37 64
Taxi Santa Eulalia-phone + 34 971 33 33 33
Taxi Sant Joan-phone + 34 971 33 33 33

  • By car

You can rent a car directly at the airport or in the larger tourist destinations. The cost depends on the month in which you rent the car, July and August are the most expensive months. Please make sure that you have a good insurance, so you don’t have problems when you accidentally damage the car. The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years old and you must be in possession of your drivers license for two year. Driving without a seat belt is heavily fined.

  • By Scooter

You can rent mopeds, scooters and motor bikes in most touristic places. Mopeds are the cheapest option, while the most expensive motorcycle rental. Wearing a helmet is mandatory, even in built-up areas.

  • By Bus

The transportation on Ibiza is well arranged. Buses run between the different great places, where distinction can be made between bus stop. Please note that there are sometimes large crowds in the bus and at bus stops, so sometimes you have to wait for the next bus.

In the high season there is also night bus, the so-called discobus, which drives between the major cities and the famous discotheques of Ibiza.