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Just some general information about Ibiza that is handy to know!

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General information about Ibiza

Payment:                                                                   By euros (€)
Country code (phone):                                            +0034
In case of emergency (phone number):              112
In case of a fire:                                                        080
In case of a accident:                                               061

ATM services in Ibiza

You can withdraw money at the many ATM’s that you will especially find in the touristic places. The banks are not allowed to charge additional costs when you withdraw money with your ”foreign” card.

Credit Cards are mostly allowed at the better restaurants, hotels and at some shops. If you want to rent a car, then a crdit card is necessary . The credit card is then used as security against any damage and traffic fines.

Safety in Ibiza

The vibe on Ibiza is generally very relaxed. However, there has been some criminal activities (theft, pick pocketing) before and you’ll see more and more posts about burglaries and robberies in villas. Therefore keep an eye on your stuff, use if present a safe and never take too much cash money or all your other payment methods such as debit cards and credit cards at the same time with you.

Drugs in Ibiza

The chances that you get drugs offered in Ibiza is big, even though this is not allowed. Watch out by who and what you buy. Not all drugs are reliable and if you want to buy something, make sure you do this from a dealer, so you know it is reliable.

Police on Ibiza is strict and controls much. Although it is not punishable to have drugs in your possession, there is a very thin line between drug possession and drug dealing. When you have drugs with you, make sure you only use it yourself and only in a small amount. Otherwise you run the risk of getting arrested.


Public holidays of Ibiza

Most shops and banks closed on public holidays. The public holidays of Ibiza are:

Date Holiday
01.01.xxxx           New Year’s Day
06.01.xxxx Día de Reyes (the three kings)
02.04.xxxx Jueves Santo (white Thursday)
03.04.xxxx Viernos Santo (good Friday)
06.04.xxxx Easter
01.05.xxxx International Workers Day
15.08.xxxx La Asunción
12.10.xxxx Día de la Hispanidad
01.11.xxxx   All Saints’ Day
06.12.xxxx Día de la Constitución
08.12.xxxx   Immaculate  Conception
25.12.xxxx Christmas Day
26.12.xxxx Boxing Day

How late the stores open and close

Mon-Sat 09.30-13.30 and 16.30-20.00 for the smaller shops, while the larger department stores, supermarkets and shopping centres are open from 10:00-22:00.

In Ibiza town you can in high season (June to September) evening also walk along the stalls, and shops in the port are still open until after midnight. There is a big liveliness around the area and it is worth to taste the atmosphere.