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Upcoming events until the end of 2015..

ibiza-eventExhibition: Iconos de Ibiza

Every Wednesday of the season till October 28, the Punta Arabí Hippy Market will show Iconos de Ibiza, an variation of portraits by Bulgarian artist Gal Grabby including several of one of the most well-known personalities from the island and also the market. Youthful artist Grabby, creator and also head of state of the Juntos en Ibiza association, has actually explored all throughout Europe with his exhibits. Currently, his work can be seen in galleries and also museums in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and Turkey, as well as New York as well as some Spanish communities such as Seville and Alicante.

till 28.10.2015
The Punta Arabi Hippy Market

ibiza-event2All Saints’ day

All Saints’ Day happens on Friday 1st November, when there will be a Solemn Mass of All Saints at 11.00 a.m. in San Carlos’s gorgeous 18th century whitewashed church, as well as live music at night, including a Rolling Stones tribute band.

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Traditional Turkey race

This traditional Turkey Race is kept in Ibiza annually, as component of the great cycling celebration. A 42 kilometre race to win a turkey, along the eastern coast of the island, beginning and also completing in Ibiza.

This year, it will certainly be the second of the three phases that make up the 12th edition of the Visitor Cyclist tour of Ibiza 2014 Campagnolo, with a complete range of 216 kilometres as well as about 4,000 metres of inclines. Anyone older than 15 is allowed to participate; separation is arranged at 10:00 am on Avenida de Santa Eulària in Ibiza.


Amsterdam-Event9Christmas in Ibiza

There is nothing quite like celebrating the full-on, Catholic-based Christmas Ibicenco style. There are similarities to the British version – the midnight mass and the late shopping and decorated streets, but the entire Christmas period in Ibiza contains so very much more that our own celebrations pale in comparison.

The build-up to Christmas, like so many other countries, starts in November, when the lights start to go up in every street in every village on the island. There’s no skimping here, and no humbugging – absolutely everybody joins in. There are red carpets in front of every shop from fashion boutique to ironmongers, nativity scenes and enormous Christmas tree in every town square, marquees for family entertainment and hippy stalls selling their seasonal wares.

On Christmas Eve the initial of the banquets begins, which for the citizens takes criterion over Xmas Day itself. There is Serrano pork, Manchego cheese and a neighborhood abundant fudge delicacy called Turron, along with baked vegetables and also various other specialities. Later, midnight mass is held in the stunning churches around the island. Xmas Day is lower key, best for a coastline walk or a journey to the nation. The major factor for this is that the standard present-giving doesn’t take place on Ibiza up until January the sixth, called The Day Of The Kings.

Santa does exist here also, in the very same red and white fat kind all of us know and also love, and you could see him roaming all the roads of any type of town you see, sounding his bell, swinging his sack of toys and crying out a mighty HO HO HO.


Amsterdam-event10New Years Eve Ibiza

The tradition in Spain is to eat a grape on new year’s Eve at 00:0 each stroke (so 12 grapes). This will bring you luck. A lot of restaurants that are open in low season often offer a special menu with New Years Eve (Nochevieja in Spanish). Pity is that many restaurants in Spain don’t have a website. So you can’t really plan where you will be with New Years Eve. Do you have a favorite restaurant in Ibiza? Ask them if they are open and what they have to offer with New Years Eve.

New Years Eve often equals to beautiful decorative Fireworks, POPs and fireworks shows. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Spain. On Ibiza you will see little to no Fireworks with New Years Eve.

31.12.2015 till 01.01.2016