How To Travel To A Strange City Without Getting Lost

Feb 12, 2015 | Barcelona Guide

It happens to the most of us, getting lost in a strange city. You look at the map, damn you don’t know where you are. You had to be here right? Wandering through small streets, all you do is have a look around.. You just got off the plane from a nine hour flight, you are tired and hungry. The heat makes you languid but that little fresh breeze makes your neck less sweaty. You see how the sun slowly disappears behind the tall buildings. You’re not even a bit further than you was. You take the first subway and then you realize again that you have no idea where you’re going.

Does it sounds familiar?

Don’t panic when you’re on your own in a strange city, even though it seems like that. The local population is always ready to help

Lost travelling

helpless strange tourists to deceive the right way. Don’t be afraid, they probably ever felt the same way. It is logical that you’re getting lost. As a traveler you love to go to places where not much tourist come and where the nature and/or culture still intact is, right?’

Tip: Learn a few standard sentences like, hello, excuse me etc. Or buy before you leave a language book, the population would love it if you approach them with their mother tongue. Also you will often take the risk that they don’t even speak English, this all is a lot easier with a handy travel guide by your side.

Use the elements

Look at the important monuments of the city and try to orient. Like in Barcelona it Columbus monument and in London the BigBen. Famous buildings are always in sight from a long distance. It does not have to be a famous building. You can think about recognition points for yourself. Or make some pictures nearby your accommodation.

Luckily they have abroad bureaus that can help you. The famous tourist points. Go to them and ask them for help, they are always able to help you!


Hooray for your smartphone!



The fine thing about this app: it can be used without internet. So you don’t have to be afraid that there will be a huge bill when you’re getting home.The guide app with 60 world cities on it. The new FREE app from Guidepal has this handy basic tip to know everything about the culture and the city. Recommended places to go shopping, which part of the city you have to see and what are the “must see” culture activities. With this app you can make your whole trip all by yourself. Of course the app also had a map of all the 60 cities. Handy to know when you are searching for the way home and to figure out real quick what’s in your neighborhood.

Safe every moment!

Vesco Cam

Don’t forget to enjoy, during your time of being lost you mostly see the most beautiful things. Make sure that you will save them. So when you’re back at home, you don’t only have this amazing funny story to tell but also fantastic pictures to show the rest. With this app you can make beautiful pictures.


Internet abroad

Share your best moments abroad through smartphone internet with an affordable rate. All smartphone providers have bundles. You can always put these on if you have an internet subscription. Mostly the bundle works immediately and stops when your period is over or until your MB’s are finished. Check this before you leave at you cellphone provider so you’re not have to search for a WIFI point at your destination.

Do you have the provider T-Mobile? Lucky you! T-Mobile makes is a lot easier for everyone to call and text abroad. Like they say in the campaign “Calling like at home”. In the EU are the same tariffs. This is count not yet for the internet but it is a little step to the right way.

Enjoy the lovely sphere of the place where you are now and don’t panic. Getting lost does not always have to be a negative thing! I think that the best of traveling is that you can come across so many things, also misfortunes. Unexpectedly will it bring something beautiful and who knows what will come on your path. Explore the city, the infrastructure, everything needs time and yes it can be frustrated. But if you got it once then is the world like an open door.


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