How to shoot perfect travel photos?

Dec 10, 2015 | Enjoy

We feel that we are, but… unfortunately we aren’t as good as we think. Photographs are very important for the memories they represent. You look at a picture and it conjures up thoughts, feelings and smells that take you back to a long forgotten place. Below some tips and tricks, so you can make beautiful pictures on your next vacation!

When to shoot?

The middle of a sunny day could seem good for photography. In truth, it’s the most awful time to take pictures. The light is harsh, shadows are testing, and your pictures will refrain your subjects justice. The best times to shoot are closer to sunrise and also sunset, when the light is soft and also warm. These times are known as the ‘’golden hour’’.

Be aware of the sun

This is the most important tip! Ideally you desire the sun behind you. If you can, position on your own so you are between the sunlight as well as your subject.

Seek shade

If you want to take pictures of people, find somewhere shadow. The light will be more even, with fewer harsh shadows on faces.


Beaches are one of the best spots to shoot sunsets. The water and the wet sand make for great reflection opportunities. And it’s also a very good place to hang-out with friend and family


There are two things that will certainly enhance your landscapes photography: a tripod and a polarizing filter. A polarizing filter is great for making blue skies and clouds pop, and also for managing representations. It likewise minimizes the quantity of light getting in the camera, so that tripod is even more useful.


For  better action photos, you have two alternatives. One is to use a fast shutter speed to “freeze” the action– such as a shot of a hummingbird in air travel, or a surfer on a wave.The various other option is show the motion by using a longer shutter speed– the resulting blur will share a feeling of activity to your viewer.


Do you have more useful tips for making beautiful pictures when you’re traveling? Let us know!