How To Come Back From Your Vacation With Awesome Holiday Pictures?

Mar 6, 2014 | Enjoy Apartments, Highlight Apartments, Tips Enjoy Apartments

You took a lot of pictures of your vacation. Think that something is still missing? It seems that taking picture of your every step is not making your photo album look complete. In the following article we will discuss what was missing. How to capture breath taking landscapes into one frame. Transfer best emotions with one shot! Get your camera ready and come back from your vacation with beautiful holiday pictures.

Download a few edit programs

With editing programs you can give pictures a twist, create your own style. Free, small, but still good editing programs are “Picasa”, online program “Pixlr”. If you have high quality pictures and enough time and wish you could work with professional editing software, such as “Adobe Photoshop” or “Aperture” for Mac users. If you take a lot of pictures with your mobile phone? Nowadays there is a variety of apps for anything you do, take time and choose right app for you. We suggest to try “Instagram”, “Photo Editor” by Aviary, “VSCO Cam” or “Camera+”.

Move your body over your subject

Shooting from above will eliminate the background and puts the focus on the thing that you want to take a picture of. This is mostly used for food photography. But you can use this technique for everything you want to put your focus on.

Shoot in burst mode.

When you make pictures in burst (continuous, high speed) mode, you have more chance of capturing that one unique or special moment. You will have a wide range of pictures and you can choose that one outstanding picture. When capturing moving objects or people burst mode is the perfect option because you can capture that one movement that will look great in the picture.

Make a natural looking picture of someone.

Some people have the habit to look deep in to the camera and make a fake smile when they see that someone is taking a picture of them. If the person you want to photograph is doing this, don’t make a picture! Wait until he or she looks normal. Other solution is to take a picture of them when they don’t know that you are making the picture. You can also ask your subject to change his pose and smile.

Don’t only take pictures of yourself (selfies)

It will not show a total image of the holiday and it’s not interesting for the people you want to show your pictures to. Instead make pictures of food, the weather, locals, statues, landscapes, monuments etc. You will get a more complete image of the country you visited and when you look back at your pictures you can re-imagine.  When you have done this, of course you can make some pictures of yourself. Yet still if you are traveling in a group or with your family ask them to take a picture of you. Even if the quality of the picture will not be ideal, you can expect be captured in most beautiful surroundings and actually see them.

Make some close ups

You don’t think a leave or a drop of water is interesting? Well, actually it is pretty interesting when you make a well focused close up of tiny objects things. It will show all the great detail and texture of the object and it will make your holiday pictures a lot more complete than it was before.

Take your time and make a lot of pictures.

Don’t hurry when taking pictures. Sometimes it takes time to make a good picture. Get in a good position, find the right light, have a nice background and use the right photo setting or equipment. All these things are really important when you want some nice holiday pictures. Don’t worry about the amount of pictures you take, the more you take

When planning to be taking pictures on your holiday, trip, a walk in the city of or country side you can´t bring every peace of professional equipment. If you have time before you leave, plan ahead! For example if you did not had your camera on a city tour, make a snapshot of the place with your phone, then revisit the place carrying right equipment with you.the bigger the chance that one of them is a picture you were looking for.

Before going on holiday make a research of the places you want to visit. Also count into account the amount of luggage you are taking. Don´t take any unnecessary equipment. Additional camera lenses, big tripods weights a lot, so there is no need to bring them if they will be left unused.

Remember – plan ahead and use your creativity, make awesome holiday pictures and enjoy your stay with Enjoy Apartments. Enjoy Apartments has a wide diversity of apartments all over the world.